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Full Version: Something I can't quite get over
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For the first time in my life, I started looking at different 'services' of denominations on Youtube. You know how you always drive by baptist, lutheran, or anglican churches (or spit at masonic halls) and wonder, what goes on in there?

Looking at these 'services', one sees the Novus Ordo Missae, truly. In fact, the sad thing is, these services are more pious, some done ad orientum, or whatever direction the church happens to be built in, point being it's not to the people (though this seems to be only lutherans). And in many cases there are alter rails. But you can point out NO liturgical abuses and see where they came from.

  <--lutheran service.

Ok. The NO is a valid form of the mass. I'm not sede. I'm just shaking my head at all the religious indifferentism, seriously, I want to know where the Catholic exceptionalism went, and why converts convert to Catholicism with the abundant choice of a plethora of services to nourish their 'spirituality'. They sure as heck aren't told (as far as my understanding goes) that the Catholic Church is the only true road to salvation. What's the big attraction? (Of course, the truth, but the truth is so far from the focus of the NO, so it would seem)

PS- sorry for the over cynacism, I learned recently that my in-laws are 'Extraordinary Ministers' at the local NO
Mmm, Lutheran services on youtube. I went down that road once a while ago. Not at all pleasant. I commiserate with you.  :awww: I've often wondered the same things myself, sadly, and it really impressed upon me that the Church, Her priests, and the Pope all need some serious prayers. The way I see it, that's all that I can do that would be productive.
I can totally understand where you are coming from.  One of our local Methodist Churches has their service on TV.  Its disturbing to see the level of respect and reverence that they show to something which isn't even Christ when they celebrate their fake communion once every month or so.  I compare that to our parish, or others I have been in and I find it very depressing. 
I don't get the altar rail and ad orient-um, don't the think the mass is only a meal.
They are trying to lure the embryonic trads away from the Catholic Church before they find out about the trad movement.

These trads exist; they are trads who would be trad if they knew that there was a movement to restore the TLM and the Church to orthodoxy.  I was one such trad.

It's a bad idea to watch Protestant services.  It's like staring into the Abyss.
pre-communion america the beautiful   :LOL: :LOL:
haha oh man, that mass (as in the quantity of matter in an object, such as the building) was awful! Examples like this is what made me run from the church when I was younger. I went to church all the time to light candles and pray but you couldn't get me to attend mass. I just hated the music and the idiotic jokes the priests would tell.

Look at these heretics getting it right, though! This should be the official form of the Ordinariate.
My family are lapsed Lutherans; we went to an ELCA church with absolutely gorgeous neo-gothic architecture, huge organ, altar rails, high altar, stained glass, magnificent hymns. We may have received communion on the hand, but we were kneeling at the altar rail!  :LOL:

I was an evangelical for a long while as a teenager and young adult. During college, if I missed a ride to my favorite evangelical church, I'd go to the on-campus chapel with my Catholic friends because I felt like I was already familiar with their liturgy, could remember most of the responses, the creed, etc.

When I finally crossed the Tiber, I was really disappointed that the Christmas and Easter Masses in my Catholic church didn't get taken up a notch to be as beautiful as what I experienced with the Lutherans in my youth. That's how I ended up seeking out the Latin mass. I opened up that red missalette from Ecclesia Dei for the first time and thought "Oh my...this is different!"
Honestly, at this point, speaking as someone trapped in a NO parish, with only rare access to the TLM, I would  be overjoyed with a New Mass that was at least as reverent as the Anglican "Masses*" I attended until recently. But such is life these days.

*The Anglo-Catholic parish I attended basically said the TLM in English. The 1928 Book of Common Prayer was used for the Hours and Confession, but the "Mass" was the translated TLM (inclusive of Prayers for the Pope!).
To answer the OP question about why converts convert despite the NO is something I can only answer for myself. I converted because of reading the Church fathers and despite the NO mass. I had been in many beautiful Catholic churches in Europe, but when I stepped inside a local parish for a Mass while discerning the faith, I was somewhat confused. It was not until I read "Spirit of the Liturgy" that I began to be troubled. I was seeing alot of the very same abuses mentioned by BXVI pretty much wherever I went. Long story short, when I found out about a parish less than 20 minutes from my house that offered the indult Mass, I went and saw it. That, THAT was what I had read about in my discernment process. I am convinced that God led me there because I may not have crossed the Tiber if things had continued, Now, I and my family only attend the Latin Mass, and we split our time between the indult I found and a FSSP chapel. I've gone to ICKSP when traveling, and I have no issues with the SSPX and would not hesitate in going if given the chance.

I think the NO is defective, and I will never expose my family to it again. And the BTW, I used to be a Jehovah's Witness, so I did not have prior worship experiences such as Lutheran or Anglican to compare things to, although I could clearly see their services were very, very similiar to the NO.
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