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Full Version: Those were the days!
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In 1951 President Harry S Truman dedicated an 'All-Faiths' Chapel in honour of the Four Chaplains who gave their lives to save others' on USAT Dorchester, torpedoed by a German U-Boat, on 3 February 1943. One of the Four Chaplains was Father John Patrick Washington. However,

Wikipedia Wrote:The Chapel dedication included a reminder that the interfaith team represented by the Four Chaplains was unusual. Although the Chapel was dedicated as an All-Faiths Chapel, no Catholic priest took part in the dedication ceremony, because, as Msgr. Thomas McCarthy of the National Catholic Welfare Conference explained to Time magazine, "canon law forbids joint worship."

The NCWC was the forerunner of the USCCB! Shocked  Oh, for the Good Old Days!