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Full Version: Temptation
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There is a new Short Catholic Homily available for those who are interested, which is another selection from the Paulist Fathers of the 1800s.  This one is on temptation, why we are tempted and the merit gained by resisting temptation.
Here is a short excerpt

"If it would please God to infuse all the virtues into our souls without any trouble or labor on our part, it might indeed be very well; but this he is not bound to do, and generally he does not choose to do it. He prefers that we should obtain our virtues partly by our own exertions. And as we will not pray or meditate, do penance or mortify ourselves enough to accomplish this end, there is no way to make any virtue strong and hardy in us except by forcing us to oppose its contrary vice. "

You can listen or read  the Chapter here

God Bless! 
This is the best thing I have ever read on the subject of temptation:

The book is called How to Resist Temptation, by Fr. Remler.  I first came across it at my first and only SSPX retreat.

[Image: 393.jpg]
Ill check it out, thanks