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Full Version: Interesting History Podcast on the Anabaptists of Munster
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I'm going to listen later, but I checked it and the speaker's voice is familiar. Would you tell me who it is and where you found it ?

Skip it, I figured out who it is.

It is Dan Carlin.  Part of his hardcore history series.  The previous ones on Ghengis Khan and the Mongol empire were excellent also.

I have been an avid listener since episode five.
I ran out of time at 2 hours and eleven minutes. Didn't want to go back, too long. The part about the "prophet" with a direct link to god was disturbing. He seemed what I'd call classically insane. The over all story fits my take on the Germanic peoples. They are the perfect soil for these kinds of things. One needn't wonder where ecumenism comes from it was there in 1513 in the Muenster town hall. It was like a preview of what has gone on in the last 500 years.

I listened to it while doing the ironing.  The trick with podcasts is to do something else like cleaning, having a bath, washing up, gardening.
Yep, that's how I do it, but I ran into a time constraint I couldn't skip. When I went back I couldn't get it to start at 2 hours 11 minutes and I don't have that much time to listen again.

Downloaded it on my smartphone, bout 55 minutes in. Takin a while to get to the meat of it but Ima still listening. Not a catholic presentation, but interesting so far anyway.
Finished it - thanks!

The speaker (Dan Carlin) does a great job with it. Not many can do a monologue for four plus hours and keep in interesting. I enjoyed his post scrip as well, hearing what I am assuming is a secular fellow try to wrap his mind around the story and find the "cause."

The answer simply has to go to the supernatural - the diabolical. Science ain't gonna admit it, and they can call me a simple minded fool, but its - gasp - the Devil.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pretty good listen - I too found it interesting how his modern, secular American belief in pure freedom of belief and expression were challenged by this incident.  I'm also reminded of how several here have defended the Waco whackos who, if given the chance, would have pulled similar shenanigans.