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Full Version: Boy Crowns Blessed Mother
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Today is our annual May Crowning and I just found out that a boy (actually the son of a good friend) will be crowning the statue of the Blessed Mother. This is the second time in our parish history. What do you think about this? I feel nothing, at the moment.

The ceremony is at 2pm and I hope to escape the office and go to the church and watch. I never saw a boy crown the BVM before. Is he a May Crowning King?
As FE's curmudgeon, I don't like it, but I'm not sure it's a big deal.  As I recall, as I have little to do with my parish, it was a for girls, because they couldn't be altar boys. I remember the sisters marking a red line, telling us boys, we could not be any part of the May Crowning. It seemed to me that it was only reverse psychology. I was one of those goofy kids that scored too high for his own good, so I came to quite a few of these revelations. haha I don't like blurring the line even if it was just the sister's reverse psychology.

Thanks for your input, Tim. It's a recent practice in our parish:. the 8th graders write an essay about what the Blessed Mother means to them. They leave the essay unsigned. The teachers then judge on which essay they liked the best, not based on gender or grades or popularity, etc.  I imagine that if most May Crowning candidates were judged that way, more boys would be crowning the Blessed Virgin. In my experience, her most devoted followers are men.

Like you I come from a different era. No altar girls, and no boys in the May Crowning court. None of our teachers or students seem disturbed, but us older folks in the office are murmuring. I feel proud of that boy, though. I bet Our Lady does too.
It's so easy nowadays to break with tradition.  I do not countenance this.  May Crowning is for girls.  My daughter was privileged to Crown Mary right after her First Holy Communion.  Boys don't have the right.  But I'm not going to debate this.
I just saw May Crowning and cried like a woman. I'm hopeless.
One traditional priests from my chapel had the boys involved in the May Crowning, bringing up the flowers. Now the new pastor has only girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. You know what? both crownings were very lovely to see. So I don't know. But I do think it's nice to encourage the boys to take part, as Marian devotion isn't exclusively feminine.
(05-04-2013, 10:45 AM)Jacafamala Wrote: [ -> ]But I do think it's nice to encourage the boys to take part, as Marian devotion isn't exclusively feminine.

That's what I was thinking too. What message did we send to boys when we didn't allow them to partake of May Crowning? "This is girl stuff!" I decided not to get worked up about this because, for starters, the May Crowning ceremony is outside the liturgy. Across the world there are different customs and practices. Vincentius mentioned that his daughter crowned the BVM after making her First Communion. In our archdiocese it was always 8th grade girls, not children. Some parishes only have the First Communicants involved, boys as well as girls. I know Our Lady looks down at her children and loves us all... and smiles at our little attempts to please her.