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Full Version: CITH —Host shot out from "Pez dispenser" to avoid germ transmission
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American Papist put this up on FB just now: Worst Thing Ever - The Purity Host Dispenser


Well, in their defense, I guess..+Jesus did wash the feet of those he was about to share his Body and Blood with, showing some kind of, um...

—no, I got nothin.

Quote:I’m still not convinced this is real. I hope it is not. But I fear it is.

Have you ever worried so much about picking up germs from receiving Communion that you decided to invent an awkward, pez-like dispenser to remove any possibility of human contact between you and the minister of Communion?

Me neither.

But someone did and, well, see for yourself.

Apparently this video was uploaded three years ago. Two years ago the makers of the product tried to defend its existence. They said:
voted down post Wrote:“This [purity host dispenser] is necessary in order to prevent transmission of disease and the like. Some fear contagion through the handling involved in distributing the hosts. Hope this answers your question.”

The comment was voted down so many times it’s now hidden.

Seriously, worst thing ever.

I want to see how they squirt the blood of Jesus into the mouths. Really, I do. Dispensable. cough syrup injectors?
The video is not Catholic, nor is it a valid Eucharist.
How do you know it's not Catholic, Script? I was counting the abuses, like no corpus on the cross, the one-handed host handling, etc, but since American Papist put it up, and, I figured someone finally owned up to the diocese.

edit: I just read more YT comments also saying it wasn't Catholic. I didn't know Protestants had an altar tbh (and was told they passed sealed trays through the pews with bread and grape juice, like a happy meal in a sealed tray).

Except the Episcopalians. Guess the guy "priest" threw me off. So Episcopalian?
Hands Off After Wafer Scare

[Image: NY-AS109_CHURCH_G_20110106184702.jpg]

At St. Agnes Roman Catholic Church in Clark, N.J., parishioners no longer handle the communion wafers that they once transferred from one bowl to another at the start of Mass.

Instead, parishioners use a very untraditional looking contraption known as a communion host dispenser. They pull a trigger and wafers are deposited into a bowl for consecration during the Mass.

"There was a big concern about germs on the hands getting on stuff so we use the dispenser instead," said the Rev. Dennis Cohan of the system put in place a couple of years ago.

A Christmas hepatitis scare at a Long Island church has church officials across the region once again examining health and hygiene issues...

Read the rest over there. Disgusting.
It's not Catholic because the rite is not Catholic. I don't know which rite it is, but it is not Catholic.
Tom Monk, vice president of Artistic Manufacturing, an Iowa-based communion supplies company, said interest in pillow packs—communion wafers with wine inside them—has been on the rise.


Next logical step is to have those vacuum tubes installed into the the banks have.
(05-03-2013, 01:48 PM)Scriptorium Wrote: [ -> ]It's not Catholic because the rite is not Catholic. I don't know which rite it is, but it is not Catholic.

The one in the video may not be catholic, but the article from the WSJ that I posted certainly is talking about a Catholic church (sadly)
Well, my view would be this. Are you really that concerned about H1N1 and whatever else? Sounds pretty stupid to me. No leper huggers in this crowd. I doubt it was approved. I doubt it is still going on. It was just a dumb scare put on by the CDC. Parishes put in their hand sanitizer, and hopefully curtailed the hand shaking at the PAX. But I wanted everyone to be sure that that silly scene in that video is not Catholic. Some Protestant rite.
Thanks, Script; it's truly a blessing to know that's not an RCC parish.

But this pez dispenser's use was spoken of on, as well (having nothing to do with the video, just the dispenser); varied Protestants discussed not wanting to be "Roman" and passing around a Chalice (*headbash*; I want to join and say "WE DON'T!" LOL), but this Host dispenser came up, and then an RCC posted that her Bishop had discussed concerns with distributing the Eucharist during flu season — fortunately, she said, the idea was wholesale shut down. (I probably shouldn't be, but I'm trying to discover HER diocese without being intrusive; just curious if this thing is in use in RCC parishes.)

I've always found the Eucharist quite miraculous, though more than once I've knelt for it and worried that obviously sick people were given theirs before me. I figured we're "in communion" with each other, we feel each others' pains, and the priest is handling JESUS, so I take it after sick people; I care more for my endangered eternal soul than catching a flu (though the flu does suck). So far, so good! Amen!
Nothing is shocking in NewChurch

Lookie here

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