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Full Version: Great Sacred Music, My Gift
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Just posting to give you some of the sacred music I love which is online. Of course, support the artists by buying the stuff. May God be with you!

First off one of the best CDs I have heard of this style. Seriously, just put it on in the background, and drift away. Just love it!

1. Resonemus hoc natali
2. Natus est rex
3. In hoc anni circulo
4. Cogaudeant Catholici (from Codex Calixtinus) (attributed)  (!!!!)
5. De monte
6. Ve mundo
7. Benedicamus Domino - Humane prolis (St. Marital Abbey)
8. In natale
9. Lilium floruit
10. Propter veritatem, gradual
11. Orienti oriens (from the St. Martial Abbey)
12. Virgo Flagellatur (School of Perotinus)
13. Mors, clausula for 4 voices
14. Templum cordis
15. Benedicamus Domino
16. Beata viscera

The Kiev Christmas Liturgy is amazing too, but can't find it on YouTube. The alleluias will make you cry. You can get a taste here:
Believe it or not but Goth and Darkwave artists are the ones putting out very convincing medieval work. Estampie's "Crusaders In Nomine Domini" is brilliant. They use ancient instrumental (hudry gurdy, sackbut, chimes and bells and so on). My favourite vocal piece is their arrangement of Gaudens In Domino (a hymn to Saint Nicholas)

Another fantastic artist is Azam Ali. Her album "Portals of Grace" is stunning.

Thanks for this stuff. But what's Darkwave? Are any of these guys, or the Goths, are into satanism?

I have listened to Azam Ali before, though. Love Quanta Qualia.
Goth, darkwave, neoclassical, etc... bands are secular artists. The percentage of Satanists being clever and creative enough to write that type of music is pretty rare. Satanists don't believe in God but some how believe in the devil and they tend to be redneck metal heads.

The songs of the Sibyls were sung in the Mass (during Christmas, and also in secular settings) until, regrettably, the counter-reformation put an end to it. We still have something left of this interesting tradition in the hymn Dies Irae:

Dies irae, dies illa
solvet saeclum in favilla,
teste David cum Sibylla.

Day of wrath, day that
will dissolve the world into burning coals,
as David bore witness with the Sibyl.

A prophesy by the Cumaean Sibyl in Virgil's Fourth Eclogue:

Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis aetas;
magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo.
Iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna;
iam nova progenies caelo demittitur alto.

Now comes the last age of the Cumaean song;
the great order of the ages arises anew.
Now the Virgin returns, and Saturn's reign returns;
now a new generation is sent down from high heaven.

Te duce, si qua manent sceleris vestigia nostri,
irrita perpetua solvent formidine terras.

While you lead, if any stains of our sins still linger,
their negation will free the lands from endless fear.

Ille deum vitam accipiet,

He will take up the gods' life,

pacatumque reget patriis virtutibus orbem.

and with his father's virtues will rule a world at peace.

What the poet wrote about the golden age of peace that was to come under Augustus (when Christ was born), the medieval Christians understood to be an unconscious prophesy about the fullness of times. They saw in it the Virgin and the Child (progenies) from heaven, and so they added it to the Psalms and other messianic prophesies. St. Augustine too believed that the songs of the Sibyls prophesied Christ (see City of God, Book 18).
Dead Can Dance also did a superb version of The Song of The Sibyl. The female vocalist (Lisa Gerrard) influenced all ethereal/darkwave/neo-classical and even opera pop female sings. Without Dead Can Dance there really would be no Enya (which MIGHT be a good thing) and Azam Ali. Outside of DCD, Lisa's best known for her musical work on the Russell Crow film GLADIATOR.

I was wrong about the song of the Sibyl not being part of Mass anymore. In Majorca they still perform it during Christmas:

Less well known chant from Corsica: