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Full Version: SSPX and Francis
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I wonder what you people think of this.
What's the connection to HH Pope Francis ? I saw nothing comparing or contrasting the SSPX and HH Pope Francis. Did I miss the article ?

(05-10-2013, 01:41 PM)love alabama Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what you people think of this.

I think it's irrelevant to the SSPX and Pope Francis.
Anyone that recognizes God's talent in "secular" art, literature, and music as being God's gift that teaches Catholicism in a round-about way has MY vote (though I can't attest to value in 'Finding Nemo' ...I know it's a fish movie, but that's about it.)

Are we supposed to jump out at "post-conciliar"? IDK, I think pretty much anyone with their senses (eyes, ears) can look at "art" and hear "music" of the most parishes today and easily discern what it is (ie, not "of the Lord"). It's offensive! But who DOESN'T think that? But that's not an SSPX or even a Church thing, really: it's secular crap being put up in "parishes" by fallen bishops and priests. (Ie, they'd be fallen even if V2 hadn't happened). In my opinion.

Wow, and I thought it was the first article on the Ascension of Our Lord to heaven ?

I'm more interested in seeing if Pope Francis consecrates Russia as Our Lady asked, i think the SSPX had the chance of regularization under Benedict, i doubt Francis will spend much time with that matter.
I didn't see the connection to the pope in the article.
I'm baffled.  Perhaps nonplussed too.  ???