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Full Version: A feminist cultural icon suffers for her mother's fanaticism
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This is an amazing anti-feminist article by none other than the daughter of the author of The Color Purple.  It really exposes the cost of 'feminizm' to children, families, and little girls who just want their mother's love.
I can only hope she gets as big a megaphone as her mother. She has feminist kinks still, like her abortion was a good thing,  but she is moving in the right direction.

I feel sorry for her and this is all so predictable...

too bad she can't sue her mother and all those militant feminist witches for devastated childhood and adolescence - as one can sue anybody else.

Or maybe they can - the generation of abandoned kids of those selfish sluts? Sue for the damage they suffered? in out litigious society it will be only fair.
Glad to read that some forward thinking intellectuals are realizing that perhaps the sexual revolution was not as great as it was made out to be.
In fact, there is a huge cover-up going on in academia to hide the true devastation brought on by the revolution.
However, "truth will out" sooner or later and when worldlings realize the lies they have been fed, let's hope that will re-examine the assuptions of the modern world and embrace tried and true traditionalism.
I remember reading as similar article by young lady who was raised by parents infected by the philosophy of Ayan Rand. The message of both articles is that selfishness is evil, and family is truly what is most important.