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Full Version: Private Masses in homes
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I know of some retired priests in Southern California that serve private TLM's in people homes and wanted to know the "rules" on this. Is this something the priest would have to ask the bishop about? What about an altar in the home? What is needed? Thanks!
Its my understanding this is allowed, in fact masses have been said on many improvised items in time of need. In war they have beeb said on the hood of a jeep for example. I have been to a mass said in a home bt a priest. I am also in So Cal, who and where are these priests?
I think that it is fine if it isn't a "mass location" with a regular invitation, i.e., every Sunday at 8 am. SP etc is clear that a priest's "private" Masses need no permission from the bishop, and that the faithful may attend them. I think the problem comes when it tries to establish this as something regular, which would start to bump with the notion of public ministry and parishes.
The only question would be one of facilities and that may or may not be a concern depending on one's position.
Is this allowable for both diocesan and Consecrated religious priest

When I used to live In Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a Dominican priest that was close to our family. He used to live in California, and when he would come visit us, which was about once a year, he would serve Mass at the house.
"CIC 1983 Can.  932 §1" Wrote:The Eucharistic celebration is to be carried out in a sacred place unless in a particular case necessity requires otherwise; in such a case the celebration must be done in a decent place.

For what it's worth.
Where are these private masses being held? I'll bring the chips, dip and chants.
I know a lady who has a Philomena devotion, who has a Mass in her house every few months or so. It's part of a Philomena devotion followed by mixer.