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Full Version: Famous exorcist says Pope's simple prayer cast out demon
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Famous exorcist says Pope's simple prayer cast out demon
By Estefania Aguirre

[Image: Fr_Gabriele_Amorth_chief_exorcist_of_Rom..._23_13.jpg]

Rome, Italy, May 24, 2013 / 03:58 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Rome’s most well known exorcist says Pope Francis performed an exorcism in St. Peter’s Square last Sunday and that the man was possessed because of Mexico’s abortion law.

“The Pope, in good faith, got close to him and performed an exorcism on him in the form of a liberation prayer, not like the classical exorcism that one does with a book,” said Father Gabriele Amorth in a May 22 evening interview with CNA.

“He is really a soul of God, which the Lord is using to criticize Mexico for legalizing abortion,” he said.

According to Fr. Amorth, he himself performed an exorcism for over an hour on the Mexican man before the Pope prayed over him later that same day in St. Peter's Square.

“I’m well informed about that young man; a good, golden, young man, he appears younger than what he is,” said Fr. Amorth. “He is 43 years-old (and) married with children.”

“I saw John Paul II do this same prayer three times,” he said. “Pope Francis laid his hands on him, prayed, and that’s it. It is enough.”

Fr. Amorth, aged 88, has performed over 70,000 exorcisms during the past 27 years. The number is high because carrying out an exorcism can require multiple sessions and each time the rite is administered it is counted as one instance.

After the interview with CNA, he made comments May 22 at Rome’s Lepanto Foundation, a Catholic book organization where he was invited to speak on his two latest books: “The last exorcist, my battle against Satan” and “The sign of the exorcist, my latest battles against Satan.”

“You must have noticed that in his 10 short speeches, this Pope has always mentioned 'his excellency,' the devil,” he said during the evening meeting, which had a dramatic feel to it because of the subject matter and the pouring rain and thunder outside. 

“What did he do last Sunday?” asked the exorcist. “When Mass finished, as he normally does, with his simplicity, he walked over to greet a few sick, and a Mexican priest pointed out to him a young man possessed by the devil.”

He noted that the Pope “did not hide himself in this liberation prayer that he did on this young man at the Square.”

“Jesus did exorcisms on the street, in homes, wherever,” said Fr. Amorth. “I’ve had to change 23 places in Rome to be able to do exorcisms.”

“I would like for everyone to attend exorcisms,” he added. “I’ve seen many priests that, after having seen one, did not doubt anymore about the existence of Satan. One has to see it.”

Fr. Amorth said people no longer believe in the devil now and there is a shortage of exorcists.

“Today there are no more exorcists because of the bishops,” he charged. “I’ve been saying for 27 years that when a bishop doesn’t provide, he commits a mortal sin.”

“But not all bishops are in the state of mortal sin, shucks that would be a lot of bishops,” he joked.

Fr. Amorth stated that everyone has the power to cast out devils if they have enough faith in Jesus Christ, and that these abilities are “gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

“But if one truly has this gift he keeps it hidden and is humble about it,” he pointed out.
I saw this story and I wonder about two things:

1) Isn't there some sort of ethical guidelines to keep the identity of a person that has been Exorcised confidential?

2) He (the Exorcist) wasn't there, was he at the time when HH Francis said the prayers? So how would he know and shouldn't he be steering clear of his boss?
Father Amorth has always been adamant that the bishops are to blame for much of the woes in the Church, especially that of leaving people afflicted with demonic influence to seek heretics, schismatics and new agers since Catholic priests and bishops treat Satan as a myth.  I say God bless him for speaking out. Any exorcist will tell you that once you have really come face to face with evil you will be forever changed by it and will really and truly believe that not only does Satan exist but that, in the words of one exorcist here in America "each and every dogma of the Catholic (Roman Catholic) Faith is absolutely true". Certainly it is possible that the Holy Father could have carried out an exorcism with a simple prayer based on the measure of his faith and the fact that he is a priest and a bishop. As the Pope he does not need to get faculties to cast out demons in the name of the Church, he has them by the power of his office as Pope. How Father Amorth knows what happened is anyones guess but perhaps he knows Pope Francis personally and this was discussed in prviate. I'm sure that Father Amorth has a certain intuitive sense about the demonic presence and when it is gone after having dealt with things like this for so long. Anyone that has read Father Amorth's book will know that he is a good and holy priest who loves our Lady, loves the Church and isn't afraid to touch on topics that so many in ecclesiastical circles have wanted to bury for decades.
(05-24-2013, 01:22 PM)Lateran15 Wrote: [ -> ]Isn't there some sort of ethical guidelines to keep the identity of a person that has been Exorcised confidential?

I've seen (what reported to be) video tape of people being exorcised. Obviously they consented to be filmed. In this case with Pope Francis, I'm sure he wasn't expecting to drive out a demon. The young man was definitely experiencing something strange, wasn't he? 
As the chief exorcist of the Catholic Church, in Rome, Fr. Amorth is supposed to know if an exorcism has been performed right there, especially on a 'patient' he himself has dealt with recently. There is nothing extraordinary at all in Fr. Amorth's knowledge of the issue.

As for confidentiality, well, in this specific case it seems to be a moot point, no? When you hit it big on youtube, your confidentiality is pretty much toast anyway, and as I think HK said, clearly they just asked teh pope to pray for this guy on the spot.

I am glad the Holy Father did it. And I am very glad Fr. Amorth is making very clear what really happened, because the Lombardi crew apparently tried to play it down and water it down. Nope. This one was live.
It was a public act. No need to have permission and what not. If you don't want to be filmed, don't line up to have the Pope bless you or pray over you. I imagine the man is thankful for the prayer. Rather on the other end, the Vatican doesn't want to sensationalize it. People don't have faith. They see it and they think Benny Hinn, Emperor Palpatine, or elaborate Hollywood productions. They didn't realize the veil was pulled down a little for a moment, and you got to see the power of Christ against demons. People don't have faith.
Praise Jesus Christ, in whose name demons are cast out and in whose name the righteous shall triumph.
The media will be hounding that poor man to see if he gets repossed and then claiming the Pope failed at exorcism. But i'm very impressed by Pope Francis so far he has an acute awareness of the supernatural(including the devil) and knows that the devil is behind much of todays troubles. Considering he's a well educated Jesuit usually their "great learning" makes them rationalize things. Not Pope Francis though.
There's nothing wrong with reason... it's one of our greatest human resources. We just can't let it eclipse other equally vital human faculties.