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Full Version: What the pope used to wear
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Le vesti dei Papi I parati della Sacrestia Pontificia (Papal dress and the apparel worn in the Papal Sacristy) is a book written by Professor Marzia Cataldi Gallo, a scholar of international renown, who specialises in the field of old textiles and the history of costume. This is the first work that presents the rich heritage of the Papal Sacristy, located behind the Sistine Chapel.

The Sacristy’s spacious chestnut wardrobes hide treasures that have been woven and embroidered over the centuries: from the garments worn by Paul V Borghese (1605-1621) to the pieces worn by the Pope today. The papal vestments make for an incredibly rich heritage that remains unknown to date, especially the papal outfits which are sporadically published in books discussing golden and silver furnishings or occasionally shown in exhibitions. The first book on the topic gives readers the chance to experience two centuries of papal and Church history.