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Full Version: Authentic but fallible Magistarium
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Can anyone give me a good source that details the various levels of the Magistarium? I'm having a discussion with a fired up conservative Catholic fella and need something to back up what we've discussed here (that there is an authentic or authoritative magistarium that is not necessarily infallible).

He is a good guy, just has never heard the tradionalist side before. He seems to think all of V2 was ordinary magistarium and therefore completely infallible. Pointing out inconsistencies pre and post V2 probably won't work because it'll be said that's impossible, that we must be misunderstanding something.

Hope the question makes sense. I know its out there, just not sure where.
Wikipedia has a list, with three references, one being the code of cannon law. Scroll down to "Levels"
See also paragraphs 23 to 31 here:

This is concerning the activity of theologians, not untrained lay people, so take that into account, but the general principles are universal.

Thanks guys...all this is helpful.