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Full Version: Midwesterners?
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I know of two acquaintances on Fisheaters, both of whom live far away from where I am now. However, I am curious to know there are any" Fisheater-ites" that are in the Midwestern United States.
Present in Chi-raq's (Chicago, once the capital of middle america) northwest side.

Former Chicago "Sout-sider" now in the burbs.
Orate, I'll be ding donged, from the South Side, huh ? Where on the south side ? I'm guessing Back of the Yards.

I am in Madison, Wisconsin, possibly the most liberal city in the Midwest. But we do have one of  the most conservative Bishops in the entire country (Bishop Robert Morlino). Go figure.
I grew up in Iowa and have also lived in Missouri and Wisconsin. Now however, I reside in Texas. 
I'll be more specific. I live in the Northern Illinois area and  I recently went to college in Iowa. Tim, you seem to live somewhat close to me. :)
I'm a Midwesterner! By chance, not choice!  J/'s a great place to live!  : :P :O
All right Red Caves, are you in the land beyond O'hare.

There is a handful of us in and near Indy and across the more populated areas of Indiana.
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