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Full Version: Pope Francis meets with first Protestant leader
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For crying out loud. What's next? Celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of Arianism? Jansenism? I'm beginning to think that Fr. Hesse is right.
Jesus ate with sinners.

Just throwing that out there.
It isn't unusual for Popes to meet with non-Catholics.
Meeting with leaders of other Christian denominations doesn't bother me, but celebrating the Reformation together. Really? You're asking us to celebrate that historic moment when you basically gave the Church the finger and split off. Why in the world should we celebrate that? Smh.
Part of the healing of the Reformation is both sides admitting that there were actors who were wrong. Who knows what the tone of 2017 will be, but 1517 was a period of division and abuse in the Catholic Church. The Church maintained the purity of doctrine and handed on that, but many clerics, and the Popes themselves, were scandals. Perhaps it can be an occasion for each side give their mea cuplas, forgiveness to each, a regret for things getting out of hand, and a strong pull toward the one true Church. It is a great thing to be reconciled to one's brother, and there is not true glory in standing aloof and not willing to hear him. Hopefully, there will be no glorification of those tragic events in the 16th century, but a sober reflection on what has become of Christian unity, and where we can go from here. These articles are four years out in front. We really know nothing about 2017, or if it will even be a "celebration". So any cheering or booing really needs to be withheld, since we know essentially nothing. As for the visit, I find it encouraging. The more there is dialog between the Pope as representative of the Church and with other denominational leaders, the more gain there is to a reconciliation. The Reformation is a sticking point in areas like Germany, Switzerland, and England, because those were the hotbeds. And it probably will take a long time to heal those wounds. But healing it must be. And I think the start of that is prayer and penance. Catholics should request forgiveness of the Lord, that we may be granted the gift of reconciliation with our brothers. And, finally, conversion starts with oneself. Protestants will be drawn to the Church when they know that we are intent on self-conversion and fidelity to Christ, because they'll see Christ within us.
(06-28-2013, 11:53 AM)Scriptorium Wrote: [ -> ]...We really know nothing about 2017, or if it will even be a "celebration". ..

Perhaps celebration is a wrong word, but I agree with everything you've said. Just as long as indifferentism is avoided, there should be nothing wrong with acknowledging that both sides contributed to the split.
When St. Francis met the Muslim leader he demanded conversion. Just sayin'.
(06-28-2013, 12:18 PM)jonbhorton Wrote: [ -> ]When St. Francis met the Muslim leader he demanded conversion. Just sayin'.

Some saints were gifted with the ability to move hearts through the use of a few blunt words. The rest of us are bound to use tact, prudence, and charity to convert hearts.
Meeting with Protestant leaders is pointless. It's a model of conversion which follows the decrepit model of Leader's conversion = follower's conversion. Such a model is moot, and similarly fails in Islamic dialogue, due to the independent nature of believers. The Protestant milieu at large is comprised of many self-made Peters. To evangelize en masse they need to address en masse. This was nothing but more of the same expecting different results.

It was more political than anything. Will he be followed up with by a competent authority in Germany? Unlikely.

The model being followed is one of failure at all levels. Catholics are pitiful at evangelizing Protestants because they don't have the capacity to say it like it is, lest they admit No Salvation Outside the Church.

Perhaps, hopefully, Pope Francis implored him to convert. To pull a line from my days as a Prot, they don't know if his plane would have crashed on the way back, he would have a heart attack, choke etc.

The call to conversion is one of grace, not meetings and gift exchanges.

The Protestants willingly put the fear of no more chances into a person's heart. They do follow a more Apostolic model in that regard, even if the message itself is wrong.

Deutschmarks to Schnitzels the preachers that man has under him implore every person they preach to, to convert.

This is no more effective in converting Prots than knocking on one door to save an apt building during a fire. Gotta knock all and blast it with the bullhorn.

Common ground left common does not "cross this line, please" make.
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