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Full Version: How to remain above the "muck of the world" (modern sick society)
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This is one of the best things I have seen from Michael Brown.


To note the demise of the societies of men takes only a glance at this week's headlines. A lawyer starts a major criminal case on television by quoting the f-word. The owner of a major league baseball team tells a star player to "shut the ---- up." A major football star is arrested for premeditated murder; this an athlete who has a $40-million contract. Another footballer is carjacked in Philadelphia. A mob of abortion proponents delays a vote in the Texas legislature, which also succumbs to a filibuster that contravenes democracy (preventing a majority from ruling).

On the democracy front, there is the egregious, wrong-headed, and predictable ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on homosexual marriage -- which may lead to serious infringements on religious rights (not to mention horrible repercussions for our young, who will be raised in a culture where marriage, long devalued by the culture at large, has been devalued by another branch of government). The over-reach of the Supreme Court and many lesser courts in this country has stifled democracy -- almost made a mockery of it. In Florida, both houses of the Legislature as well as a governor passed a school-voucher law -- only to see three men on a federal panel void it. Who elected these men? What right do twelve Justices have to control the nation's destiny? They do time and again. They have in effect made a sexual disorder into a "right," adopting the tactics of and at the same time mocking legitimate causes of the past, such as the civil rights movement.

In California, residents vote to pass an amendment disallowing homosexuals to marry in the same fashion as heterosexuals, but a court voids that vote too and is affirmed by the Supreme Court in its arrogance. This is also the Court that okayed what has thus far been the slaying of fifty million unborn. Yet, they wear black robes of dignity. Psychopathology is granted wide rein. Evil is codified.

We are in a culture where celebrities have become porn stars and where porn stars when they die are glorified by publications such as Time Magazine. It is not a conservative-liberal issue; at that level, it is a manifestation of evil. It is not only homosexuals; heterosexuals commit as many sexual sins, including within marriage. The devil has turned "lust" into "love." He has twisted perversion into affection. Homosexuals weep with joy not because they will now get equal monetary compensation but because with each court decision or piece of legislation they feel more legitimized -- though in their hearts they will never attain the true feeling thereof. The entire movement is to make themselves feel better about something that nags at their most basic instincts. The bells of National Cathedral in Washington ring in the Supreme Court decision. For whom do those bells toll? It will be a hate-crime to preach things that the Bible says. A former President cheers negation of a marriage defense law he enacted.

We are full of tattoos and jangling body piercings and devoid of rationality. Marijuana is a tourist attraction in Colorado, where it's legal. This disorientation brings us to the precipice, if we weren't there already (but for grace). It also brings us to a place where America seeds itself for future massive division. Mothers flush their young down toilets, around the world; the Church of England allows homosexual bishops.

If this all sounds dire, it is simply the truth, which should cause us no fear. The truth simply sets us free. We can have peace in the midst of it all by purging ourselves of our own demons. The military rushes to embrace homosexual soldiers. A school is forced to allow a boy who thinks he is a girl (the devil did this) to use the girl's bathroom (a court again). Murderers get off scot-free, including a mother who kills her five-year-old child. Crucial information is regularly disallowed into court due to what bogs down everyone: technicalities. We are technical, not moral, which dehumanizes.

It is the Era of Dehumanization. Scientists would like to combine DNA to fashion a "humanzee" (part man, part ape). We glorify the rich, including those who have stolen our health. Many shake their heads or mouth off on talk shows or write press releases denouncing the immorality but otherwise do nothing. We sit back and watch. Watch the weather. Look also at France, which (after that nation legalized gay marriage) saw [i]even Lourdes inundated and coated with muck (though not the statue of the Immaculate woman). With her, we remain above the floodwaters. With her, we first look to the logs in our own eyes and ask for inner purity (which brings exterior protection).     [/I

[Image: flooding-grotto-lourdes-390x285.jpg]
Beautiful, Magadalene. 

And while I'm sure I couldn't come close to the eloquence you posted for us, I have been anticipating an inner retreat for myself, having privately predicted this week's amoral and immoral decision, compromising our common good as a society, and supporting social anarchy.

I try to think about the Israelites, for example, in ancient Scripture, so often in hostile lands by virtue of exile or conquest, and how they struggled to be a remnant faithful to God's laws which were regularly mocked with abandon, and which they themselves sometimes transgressed, and for which transgressions they suffered.  It has been the history of Jews and Judaism to be the minority.  As they have persevered, so can we, individually and collectively, as long as we, lay and clergy, refuse to be seduced into error in order to be "liked."  A Church which does not stand for what She believes, without apology, is of little use to the world.

God Bless You for posting this, sister.
It's simple...just keep the faith, pray constantly, read scripture and lives of saints, listen to holy music, recieve the sacraments often...try to see the world through the lens of the Faith and keep hope alive in your soul. Try to make the communion of saints so real in your life it's almost palpable.become like a child in your acceptance the faith in in the promises of or Lord.Stay close to Our Lady.  Despite my sins--and they are many--i try to do this and I'm strangely at peace.we cannot fix the culture so we ought not try or worry about it.
Sin is weight and heavy. Holiness is light. That's how you remain above it all. Just come down once in a while to help people up.
I have to admit that I haven't felt so disheartened by the state of the Church and the world as I have the last few months. Prior to the resignation of Benedict XVI I felt that at least we were moving in the right direction in the Church and once the Church had its head on straight we could at least form some kind of resistance.
Now that the new pope has shown that he doesn't care squat for tradition or a traditional understanding of the faith, and the world is advancing faster and faster towards insanity, one really has to wonder, is the end very near?
Humanly speaking there is no hope for the return of the rule of Christ the King. If the pope no longer cares then how can the Church or especially the world. It is hopeless.
God is allowing this, He must have His reasons, I can't understand them, but we can only pray something good will happen and soon before we all loose the faith as the world, the flesh and the devil increase in power.
The Popes have not shown courage, they have not used the power of their office GOD gave them, instead they seem not to believe GOD is powerful enough to overcome the secular society.
(06-28-2013, 07:26 PM)salus Wrote: [ -> ]The Popes have not shown courage, they have not used the power of their office GOD gave them, instead they seem not to believe GOD is powerful enough to overcome the secular society.

It unfortunately does appear that way for the past 50 years. You cannot help but think back to Pope Benedict's initial address where he stated "Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves."....
Whether it is courage for fear of the wolves, or conviction in being able to repair the damages, we need to pray for the holy father.