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Full Version: Ireland legislates for abortion tonight
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Just keeping you all posted...

Short of a miracle, the so-called Protection of Human Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 will be passed by the Dáil (lower house of parliament) sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. Irish time. The bill provides for the ending of an unborn human life (those are the words) in the case of a woman threatening suicide, and a sign-off by two psychiatrists. Despite a major pro-life campaign against it, the law will be passed overwhelmingly. The party whip is being mercilessly imposed on dissenters in government ranks. Of the two main opposition parties, one is supporting the abortion bill and will probably expel its only dissenter, the other has refused to take a common position. The independents are just angry the bill doesn't go far enough.

The Irish Constitution was amended by referendum in 1983 to give explicit protection to unborn children. The 8th amendment was introduced as a preemptive strike by pro-lifers against pro-abortion judicial activism in the wake of Roe v Wade in the USA and several Irish Supreme Court judgments changing social policy on the basis of unenumerated rights.

Then came the X case in 1992. The Gardai (police) were contacted by a family whose 14-year old daughter had been violated by a neighbour and was pregnant. They wanted to bring their daughter to England for an abortion and bring the fetal remains back to Ireland so that paternity could be proved and the statutory rapist jailed. The High Court granted an injunction prevented the girl from travelling to England. The girl threatened to kill herself. Under huge pressure, the Supreme Court chose to interpret the constitution as providing the right to a 'termination of pregnancy' in the case of a 'real and substantial threat to the life of the mother including the threat of self-destruction.' The girl was allowed to travel to England and in the event she miscarried. The right of women to travel abroad was subsequently recognised. But no Government has since dared to legislate for the X case ruling on suicide until now.

I think everyone knows this is just the beginning.
Sad!  :'(  Our Lady of Knock pray for Ireland!
St. Patrick, pray for Ireland.
There was a recent case in Ireland which made the news when an Indian expatriate worker who was pregnant and had complications died allegedly after having been refused an abortion. Was this also a fuse lit by the pro abortion lobby?. Regrettably, many Catholics around the world don't have a problem with abortion. I was a lapsed Catholic some decades ago, and sadly, during that time, didn't think much of it either. Very sad for Ireland once the bulwark of Catholicism of the English speaking world.
Camel's nose.
(07-12-2013, 08:20 AM)francisco Wrote: [ -> ]There was a recent case in Ireland which made the news when an Indian expatriate worker who was pregnant and had complications died allegedly after having been refused an abortion. Was this also a fuse lit by the pro abortion lobby?.

Only partially. This was on the way long before the case you're talking about. You're referring to the case of Savita Halapannavar in Galway. She died in the course of her miscarriage due to undiagnosed blood poisoning. However, several days before her death, she asked for a termination of the pregnancy but was refused. It would have been perfectly legal to terminate the pregnancy under current law if doctors knew there was a threat to her life. But, like I said, they didn't read the warning signs of septicaemia, which is apparently very rare in pregnancy.

But the roots of all this are in a European Court ruling that Ireland needed to clarify how a woman would be entitled to access an abortion under the X case ruling. The coalition government of Fine Gael (conservative) and Labour (social democratic) commissioned a report on how to respond to the European court judgement. On the week of its publication, The Irish Times newspaper, which has been pushing the abortion agenda untiringly, 'broke' the story of Savita's death with a front page headline: 'Woman 'denied a termination' dies in hospital.' You needed to get quite deep into the article before realising that she died because the medical staff failed to diagnose her properly. Leaked emails later showed that pro-choice groups had been planning a campaign prior to the breaking of the story. Within hours there were protesters outside Leinster House (parliament buildings) with pictures of Savita.

Also - as junior coalition partner, the Labour Party is stuck imposing fiscal austerity measures it profoundly disagrees with and sees secularisation as an area in which it can actually achieve something while in government.

So yes the Galway miscarriage tragedy has been skilfully exploited to add momentum to the pro-abort campaign. But this was coming down the tracks beforehand.
Tír gan anam!
(07-12-2013, 12:40 PM)Scriptorium Wrote: [ -> ]Tír gan anam!

Heading that way.
(07-12-2013, 12:40 PM)Scriptorium Wrote: [ -> ]Tír gan anam!
True and how sad! Lord, have mercy on the People of St Padraig!
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