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Full Version: Chants for religious freedom: Interreligious prayer gathering in Arlington, VA
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(07-14-2013, 01:14 AM)Doce Me Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-13-2013, 05:41 PM)Joshua Wrote: [ -> ]
St. Pius of Trent Wrote:I clearly stated you have search through both council documents. There is nothing I did that was dishonest and I don't appreciate the insinuation.

I did not mean you, bud. I was referring to how those mistaken citations are found all over the traddy internet spheres, and how they lead folks like you (and myself) to inadvertently post them thinking they're true.

The fact that they (the 2 quotes in question) have mistaken citations and are found in apocryphal sources doesn't mean they are not worth posting at all, or should be just ignored - or that they themselves must be actually false.  Why not just fix the citation and admit that the source is apocryphal? Granted, these mistakes sometimes come from sloppy (or missing) research and expertise, but that's a vice common to many on the internet, not just so-called "traddies". (Granted, this is no excuse).

... and that's precisely all that I've said. Those quotes are attributed to the wrong councils in a tremendous amount of traddy literature online and elsewhere. It does no good to the traditional movement to appear as ignoramuses by spreading misinformation in our overzealous enthusiasm.
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