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Full Version: sign it, peoples: A protest against Facebook blasphemy of BVM
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That page is horrible  >:( 
Signed it and reported it to Facebook. Facebook told me it doesn't break any rules. Go figure. That kinda stuff really really rustles me jimmies.

[Image: maximumoverrustle.gif]
Facebook had a draw Mohamed day as well which they seemed to glorify in, even though it was making national headlines. The whole reason I dont have a FB, because its full of idiots.
I could think up a page in 10 seconds in my mind that would be far less offensive than the page posted. And no doubt I would have Police knocking on my door and taking me away to prison.

Mother Of God, Pray for us.
No religion should be disparaged in this manner.  Nihilism is the new norm! :puke:
It is disgusting in every aspect. Not surprised that it will not be banned Basilios. Take comfort that anyone who would give it even the slightest consideration is already lost anyway!  This is the new norm.  The world hates us, all we can do is pray for them.

Diabolical disorientation!