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Full Version: Madrid Chief Rabbi: Homophobic Hater Yet No Calls By Media To Change Religion
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To go along with my Dalai Lama story posted here... From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Madrid’s chief rabbi: Gays are ‘deviants’ who need re-educating
August 2, 2013 11:01am

(JTA) — Madrid’s chief rabbi, Moshe Bendahan, called gays “deviants” who should be re-educated and said same-sex marriages are “monstrous.”

“Homosexuality is a deviation from nature,” Bendahan is quoted as telling the online news site Religion Digital in an interview published Wednesday. “It’s an anti-natural tendency and a sin. Contemplating allowing, consenting to what is known as ‘gay marriages’ would be a monstrosity.”

Over the last few years, several senior rabbis in Western Europe have gotten into trouble for their remarks on gays.

In January 2012, Amsterdam’s chief rabbi, Aryeh Ralbag, was briefly suspended by the board of the Jewish community for having co-signed a statement that described homosexuality as an inclination from which one can be “healed.”

Gilles Bernheim, France’s former chief rabbi, criticized the social effects of same-sex unions in a controversial document from 2012 and wrote that the “biblical view on romantic partnerships” is “exclusively between men and women.” But he also condemned “physical and verbal attacks on gays with the same intensity as I condemn anti-Semitic attacks.”

In the interview with Religion Digitial, Bendahan is also quoted as saying, “The plan of God knows no other pairing besides that of a woman and man. The pastoral duties with regards to homosexuals are focused on re-educating them about their tendencies to return them to normal.”

If techniques to “cure” gays of their sexual tendencies fail, he said “We don’t excommunicate the homosexuals from our communities but we continue to believe in their conversion. The Bible is and always had been for us our protocol, our point of reference.”

Vox Wrote:Some religions are more equal than others.

You see, Catholics are now THE objects of hate. Our pederast priests didn't help any. I remember when I was so proud when someone asked what religion I belonged to & I could say Catholic. That pride was tarnished for me, by the sexual abuse of young boys, but I made the decision that when someone asked, I would once again hold my head high & say, "I'm a Roman Catholic",

True, I'm" fakin' it till I make it", but it's working & I'm seeing, once again,  how inferior non-Catholics  must feel to be so concerned with what another religion is doing & saying.

I don't even know how Methodists view abortion or how Baptist's believe re. artificial contraception. What do these splinter groups,.....we have several on the 3 mile strip of highway that runs in front of ourselves. One is named "The Journey" Church, another calls itself  "The Nazarene & on & on. I don't know what they teach &, truthfully, I don't care. Maybe I should care, but I don't. Concerning close friends, most of mine are Catholic & when I've tried to speak with those who aren't, they make no sense to me. I probably make little sense to them. After several long talks with a Baptist friend, we always end up totally hung up on Once Saved, Always Saved. I can't understand that and my friend wouldn't give an inch., I've given up on talking to anyone about my faith & hope

Why do you think that people who do not belong to the Catholic Church are so interested in what we teach & believe?

(08-02-2013, 06:26 PM)JoniCath Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you think that people who do not belong to the Catholic Church are so interested in what we teach & believe?

Because prots, Talmudists, atheists, Masons, etc. realise that the Church IS THE ENEMY! They realise that there can be no victory in their campaign to destroy civilisation as long as the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church exists.