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Full Version: Book of Genesis True?
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Book of Genesis True?

Is the book of genesis true?  Are we required to believe a literal (not necessarily lieral-ist) interpretation, or are we free to believe the book is more metaphorical/allegorical?  What Church documents can be referenced with an answer?

Was Abel really a shepherd, and Cain really a husbandman?

Were the first humans really agropastoralists instead of the presumed hunter-gatherer-foragers?
i would say its truer than we can ever imagine, just like the rest of scripture.

i recommend this book:

so what's going on with you?  crisis of faith?
Nope, no crisis.  Just a curious mind.
(08-11-2013, 07:23 PM)Adam_Michael Wrote: [ -> ]Nope, no crisis.  Just a curious mind.

oh, okay. so you're just curious to know if catholicism is correct, too?

curious indeed.
My faith is firm.  I cannot be held responsible for another person’s incorrect inferences.

Questions about apologetic defense of the faith or about interpretations of biblical text should not be construed to think I am experiencing a curious crisis of faith.

If you can answer my questions, great.  Otherwise I respectfully ask that the thread not be derailed and any other concerns please be directed to me via personal message.

Thank you.
I've heard priests say Jesus Christ taught on the first eleven chapters of Genesis proving it's veracity.

As far as I know, we're free to take either a literal view or an allegorical view. I prefer the idea of a literal interpretation, myself.  :)

Edit: I HAVE heard that there are certain things that we are bound to believe: that God created the world from nothing, that Adam and Eve were our first parents, the concept of Original Sin, etc.
i think that science is just beginning to catch up with the Book of Genesis.
:) :) :)
(08-16-2013, 06:28 AM)Poche Wrote: [ -> ]i think that science is just beginning to catch up with the Book of Genesis.
:) :) :)

Yep, and one day aeons from now it might.

I believe in our first parents and original sin, of course. But I'm a tad cynical about the details of the Fall as recorded in Genesis. Seems the forbidden fruit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GARDEN wasn't tempting enough and so God had to send a talking serpent. It feels like a setup. An offer they couldn't refuse. Like Mario Puzo - a "godfather" wielding the puppet strings.
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