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Full Version: Catholic Books Added to FE
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Where'd my socks go???
Wow! Neato Keen and other such exclamations!
I'm grateful and relieved for the access to Sacred Tradition.  So unusual on Catholic sites these days. :thumb:

(08-23-2013, 10:27 PM)DustinsDad Wrote: [ -> ]Where'd my socks go???

Ditto!!  :O  You're awesome, Vox! Thank you.  :)
Thank you!
now that's what i call cath info.  real cath info.  :w2go:
Thanks Vox

Heretics is a title I've been wanting to read, but I cant read the file. Too light. Anyone else have the sane issue ?
Thank you Vox!
this is amazing! Thank you!
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