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Full Version: More Smack tonight Voris
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Voris will broadcast a Micd up tonight and he's wound up and ready to unleash more on the Professional Catholics.

It should be interesting.  I don't watch many of the mic'ed up shows, but I imagine I will take a look at this one. 
His previous teaser for tonight's show.   

Voris, Keating, the Remnant guys, etc.  They're all professional Catholics in the broad sense of the term. 

In that interview where Pope Benedict expressed a negative judgment on "Professional Catholics" he was referencing "the practioners of church craft," as Fr. Richard Simon described them in his "Short History of the Hootenanny Mass and other Absurdities."  These are the religious bureaucrats, who have little or no faith, yet who make their living off their Catholicism working for Bishops' Conferences, in diocesan offices, in parish ministries, and even as clergy. 

I don't see any of the aforementioned guys as such faithless hirelings, even if they disagree on certain points.  It's shame they're all fighting over who among them is the greatest (or worst) "professional Catholic."
You see these "professional" Catholics at the parish level go into the office and try to have a conversation about the Catholic faith you'll be lucky if you have 1 person who knows anything substanial about the faith
"I want a mess".

CM.TV isn't working at all for me... anyone else?
It is working for me. I am watching I on my Roku using the Live Stream channel.
I clicked the link up there and on the landing page I clicked the mic'd up button and I was there.

I was late but ol' Mike is on a tear. Go get him Mike.

:amen:     :jabs:    :beatup:      :boxers:   :w2go:
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