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Full Version: Altar Boys and Altar Girls
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Wow. Check this out. It shows the number of altar servers that there are in various parishes before and after those parishes change from allowing girls to be servers, to disallowing them. It comes from California Catholic Daily:

[Image: altarboychart.png]
The day I became a male altar boy in 1994 was the day my parish began allowing female altar boys.  For a few years after that, we only had one female altar boy, then it was all boys again for a short time.  Boys were always a majority, but the overall decline came just a couple years ago and had nothing to do with the ratio of male to female. 

The 5pm Sunday Vigil Mass had at least one male or female altar boy every week for more than 13 years (usually me).  When I started, we had five male altar boys at the altar every Saturday.

I figure that allowing female altar boys was problematic, but there are other issues influencing the growth or decline of a group.
That 'survey' was immediately attacked in most amusing ways.

Makes sense to me. DL isn't wrong, but it can't hurt to "choose in favor of altar boys".
No, definitely make it a boys-only club.  I was 9 years old and shy around the new altar girl (who started on the same night as me, though she served a different Sunday Mass), whom I think was just starting high school and joined on the same day.

Some of the boys that night kidded with me and said that I had to kiss the new girl, and I believed it (but I didn't actually kiss her).  It would have been a great source of anxiety for me if they made that joke BEFORE I joined.
I was an altar boy growing up. The parish was run by conservative Capuchins. No altar girls allowed. At the main Mass, we'd have so many altar boys we filled up two long pews at the side of the sanctuary.

Sadly, since the Capuchins dwindled and left, and the parish was turned over to the diocese, I hear there are only a few altar servers and half are girls.

we just have a couple older men in suits as altar servers.

Regardless of whether it backs up the survey or not, I resigned from serving at my parish right about the time altar girls came along.  I can't remember the exact reason but part of it was the fact that I refused to switch from the cassock and surplice to the white alb that was brought in along with the altar girls.
What's the deal with the alb anyway?  My parish still hasn't adopted it.
I really don't have an opinion on this issue but it seems every matter of gender boils down to women wanting to prove they can do everything a man can and more with men just wanting a little place of their own to call "ours." The ironic thing is if men ever tried to encroach of "female territory" like taking care of an infant there are tons of highly opinionated women to give their 2 cents. I recall reading a blog where a guy was changing his daughter in the park are multiple women came up to him to "show him how to do it." If a man did that too a woman he would get a prompt scolding. I hate to say it but this silly power struggle will never end until Christ returns. The only way to avoid it is avoid the opposite gender. Easier said than done.
I'm guessing you guys were altar boys for the new Mass. I have no idea what that entails. Could you give a little synopsis of what it is ? Thanks.

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