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Full Version: The pope's Interview in La Repubblica
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(10-02-2013, 09:29 PM)Sant Anselmo Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-02-2013, 08:27 PM)demoslider Wrote: [ -> ]Here is a blog post from the priest who celebrates the diocesan TLM at my parish:

I'm pretty sure we all can figure out who he is referring to. There is much wisdom in what he writes here.


(10-02-2013, 04:11 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-02-2013, 09:50 AM)Miriam_M Wrote: [ -> ](Apparently several people have noticed.)

I even have a protestant friend who, when I made my statement, said he thought he was the only one who saw through HH's faux 'humilty'. The problem with your language analysis is that many of us had seen through it long before he used the word. It became obvious in his stunts of refusing the traditional garb after election, going to pay his own hotel bill, insisting on driving himself, etc. The latter case is especially glaring because I'm sure it's against the advice and to the great consternation of his security team.

Oh yes, I am aware of all that, and thank you for that reminder  :)  I'm just giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.  It's very possible that (again) this is an area of imprudence.  IOW, that he is trying to model simplicity (I'd say more than that "humility") as the head of a monarchical Church, given that it would be fitting for the one with the most privileges to be doing away with the greatest number of status symbols, as an example of what he values more, and what we should also value.

It may look like grandstanding, and it may also be imprudent in the highly public and publicized way he is doing it, but it just may be that his intentions are not to draw attention to his [u]own[/u] so-called personal "humility," but to make a deliberate point of rejecting the symbols, that's all.  Again, I don't know that humility is quite the right word for all that.  I don't have any evidence that he is meaning to say (pridefully), "Look at how humble I am."  Rather, "notice how we should all work on being less ostentatious in what we drive, and how we like to be set apart from others, and recognize that our true worth is measured by the non-material."

I cannot judge his motives; I can only evaluate the effect of it. Many seem impressed (especially the secular media and ultra-liberal Catholics).  I am not, because I cannot accept his focus and priorities as among the critical things the Church needs most right now.  That's a matter of human judgment.  It's a minor gesture, in my view, when so much else begs to be addressed, & urgently.
I'm always surprised (but not disappointed) that The Register allows uncensored comments.  (Seems to).  I often find Comments sections on various blogs or internet news sources (NYT et al.) at least as insightful (often more so, and sometimes more accurate), than the articles themselves.

Here is a case in point.  (Register article about this interview)

While too many of the comments reflect the usual sloppy, uncatechized understandings of Catholicism, if one scrolls down about one-third of the way, a poster named Cici weighs in (and with 3 additional posts later).  Also the poster named Allan Wafasky, and the understandably "exhausted" poster and Church history teacher, "June."
Thank you for the link to the book by Fr. Coppins, Sant Anselmo! It looks great and as well as saving a link to it online, have ordered a print copy.
(10-03-2013, 03:08 PM)DavidLukenbill Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for the link to the book by Fr. Coppins, Sant Anselmo! It looks great and as well as saving a link to it online, have ordered a print copy.

Its an excellent text.  Very clear teaching on the Faith.  And you are quite welcome. 
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