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Full Version: German bishops ditch new translation of the Mass
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This is from the NC Fishwrap hence the use of the word "controversial":

"The German bishops have tabled a controversial new translation of the mass that had been a bone of contention between them and the Vatican under the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The new translation was supposed to be released this advent, according to the liturgical website Pray Tell.

The new German translation was done according to the norms set by the 2001 Vatican document Liturgiam authenticam, the same document that guided the English translation currently used in the United States....
The report said, "In comparison to the current German-language missal, whose high textual quality stands without question, the translation of the commission is marked by a style that can be designated as tighter, more sober and concentrated." The report acknowledge that the translators fulfilled their task "in accord with their understanding of the Latin text and their sense of the German language," but noted the negative reactions to the translation from Swiss, Austrian, and German bishops.

The report notes that the bishops' permanent council advised in June 2013 against making a decision of approval at this Fall plenary session. "At the present time there is no further information on the timeframe." In other words, the translation is dead unless the German-speaking bishops' conferences want to bring it up again."

Benedict had told them last year they would have to use "pro multis" in the new translation: