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Full Version: Why you can't trust anything
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I read this at Fr. Z's;

Pope Francis v. Medjugorje?
Posted on 2 October 2013 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
Someone alerted me to a piece at the Italian site Corrispondenza Romana about something that Pope Francis said during a morning “fervorino” at Mass.

My translation:

Last Saturday 7 September during his morning meditation in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Pope Francis, speaking on the theme “there is no Christian without Jesus” criticized Christian “revelationists” and expressed his strong reservations about the supposed apparitions at Medjugorje.

The official site of the Holy See and the L’Osservatore Romano, however, purged his words of the reference to Medjugorje, confining itself to refer to them in these terms: “There is another group of Christians without Christ: those who look things that are kind of rare, a bit special, who chase after some private revelations,” whereas instead revelation was concluded with the New Testament. The Holy Father warned about the desire of such Christians to go “to the spectacle of revelation, to hear some new things”. But – and this is the exhortation that Pope directed to them – “Pick up the Gospel!”

Here’s the deal.

There isn’t an attribution here, a source, the name of the person who heard the Holy Father speak specifically about Medjugorje.

That said, if you are interested in Medjugorje in a positive way, I suggest that you get used to the idea that there may be an official pronouncement about it that you are not going to like. My spies used to tell me that the former Pope was not a supporter either.

I’m just saying.

Finally, the Holy Father doesn’t seem to be against apparitions in general.  The Holy Father is a huge supporter of Aparecida and he will be welcoming the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in St. Peter’s Square on 12 October.

Take a good look. They changed his objections about specifically Medjugorje, to include every apparition. These are guys which fight against Our Lady. These guys control the organs on communication. this is why I suspend judgement, because we don't really know what was said. I caught on to how bad this was during Pope Benedict XVI's reign. It appeared to me he had to get on a plane where his "interpreters" were not, to say something important. Then before he lands the "Vatican" issues an interpretation which totally blows it up. Horse Manure !!

Add to that the remarks by John Paul II concerning Fatima and his admission of his inability to move his "advisors" to get it done and I see a picture of the Pontiffs boxed in by sinister forces. Pope John Paul II flew everywhere, I believe to escape them. Pope Francis won't live in the Vatican he stays in the motel Martha, probably to keep from their clutches. Fr. Malachi Martin not a real fan of Pope John Paul II, said he in his awful sickness, he was surrounded by men that  hated him. Imagine not being able to do anything for yourself and the people feeding and cleaning your person are your hissing enemies.

I'm not defending any of their actions, but I'm saying I can't trust what I read at all. At this point we can not even trust those that appear to be defending him, because intentions are not glaringly obvious. I have come to a realization that pro or con they all seem to have an agenda, and I Believe we have come to the point where either Jesus Christ miraculously intervenes or I don't know what will happen. We can all see the remarks can be interpreted any way.


This sort of thing reinforces the position of those who have been saying do not pay attention to reports about the Pope and to focus on personal holiness.  We can't even tell what is true in the reports.
That's my point. How much time is spent parsing words ? More, most people including me do not understand the limits of language, nor what is going on in the Vatican.
If Language is the medium we use for reasoning we are on shaky ground, because Language is at best imprecise. Part of that is we humans can not hold an entire thought with all the dependant clauses at once in our minds, and some are so conceited they believe they can. The Devil is on the loose !

You are right, Tim.  I greatly value the wisdom that you bring to the forum.  (For the record, since this came up on another thread, I consider its value far beyond university degrees or intellectual knowledge.)
In short Jayne I've seen real trouble so I recognize this. I hope to alert the FE'ers, is all.  Jayne in heaven me and you are gonna have a cocktail.

I still say it's nowhere near as bad as the days of the Renaissance Popes.  If we had an internet back then, we'd probably be predicting the end of the world.  As it is, with as much public attention as the Holy Father has on a daily basis, he is forced to live a somewhat tame life compared to his corrupt predecessors.

I don't get too worked up about stuff coming out of Rome.  As Jayne said, we should focus on personal holiness and conversion.  Let the politicos (ecclesiastical or secular) create their own problems to then solve. 
We can't even be sure what's coming out of Rome, and all the others spouting there stuff. Pope Francis' reign started with disinformation. He supposedly threw Cardinal Law from the Church telling him stay away from him. Then we get reports saying no but giving details, and finally an explanation is put forward where it's all smoothed out and wasn't really an incident. Horse feathers, it was the So. American press reporting this and compared to the Vatican, EU or the US they are more trustworthy.

Great find, Tim.  Thank you for posting and thank you for sharing.
(10-04-2013, 08:58 PM)Tim Wrote: [ -> ]In short Jayne I've seen real trouble so I recognize this. I hope to alert the FE'ers, is all.  Jayne in heaven me and you are gonna have a cocktail.

A place where I can drink cocktails without worrying about my weight?  :margarita: That sounds like heaven all right! Now I'm really motivated to try to get there.  :grin:
Fr. Neuhaus RIP on EWTN quipped the matinis will be perfectly dry, andthe camels will be rich turkish tobacco. Who knows ?? It's the Feast of the Lamb.