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Full Version: Read the Gospels to know Jesus Christ
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Quote:Knowledge of Jesus and of His states is drawn first of all from the Gospels.

Those sacred pages, inspired by the Holy Spirit, contain a description, and the teachings, of the life of Jesus on earth.  To see and understand Christ Himself, it is enough for us to read those pages, so simple and sublime, but to read them with faith.  The devout soul who, in praying, goes frequently through this unique book, the Gospels, arrives little by little at a knowledge of Jesus and His mysteries, comes to penetrate the secrets of His sacred heart, to understand that magnificent Revelation of God to the world -- the Revelation that is Jesus:  "He who sees me sees also the father."  For this book is inspired; a light and a strength come from it, to illuminate and fortify hearts that are true and sincere.  Happy the soul who opens that book every day!  That soul drinks from the very source of living waters.

Bl. Columba Marmion, Christ in His Mysteries.