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Full Version: Happy All Saints day!
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So other than going to Holy Mass, what do you all do for All Saints/ All Souls day? God bless!
Hope for a call for a job interview, clean a doctor's office, eat meals, practice the recorder, and go to Mass.
We started a 40 Hours Devotion on All Hallow's Eve at the seminary. Long hours of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, a day of recollection and silence, and on to the Vigil of All Soul's!

Also Cardinal Burke showed up and celebrated Mass for us  Grin
Non sum dignus  Prayed for their intersession.  Pray
For All Saints, my girlfriend and I (and our kids) chanted the Litany of the Saints and prayed Vespers via Skype. For All Souls, I went to the local Catholic cemetery with my son and a buddy from the parish and we prayed Lauds from the Office for the Dead (over a million people are buried there).

Tomorrow at the parish we have a potluck after Mass and kids dress up as their favourite saint or blessed (or venerable).
Stayed for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament afterwards. I was priveleged to get to see many holy souls. Some apparently were in exstacy. All in all it was very moving.