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Full Version: Pope Francis cancels audiences because of illness
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from Associated Press via CBC News

It's interesting some of the comments further down, there are many who speculate that the Pope will be a target for assassination by "illness" because he's shakin' up the Vatican. Of course, he might just be weak because he has one lung. Eye-roll

[size=10pt]Pope Francis cancels audiences because of illness[/size]
76-year-old pontiff ill with cold or flu; will still preside over Friday mass

Pope Francis cancelled his morning audiences Friday because of a cold, the first time the industrious pope is known to have slowed his busy schedule due to illness.

The Vatican said the 76-year-old pontiff, who lost most of one of his lungs due to an infection in his youth, took the morning off to rest at his Vatican hotel. He kept his afternoon appointment, however, presiding over the ordination of a new bishop in St. Peter's Basilica.

Though he looked a bit bleary, Francis celebrated the mass with his typical prayerful demeanour, delivering his homily in a clear voice, standing at the lectern and even ad-libbing to offer personal reflections to the new bishop.
Cancelled appointments

In the morning, Francis cancelled his four appointments with Vatican officials, leading the Vatican to reissue a daily bulletin that had reported the audiences took place, a first for this pope.

Francis had a busy day on Thursday, making his first state visit to the Italian president across town. He appeared tired but otherwise in good spirits during the two-hour visit.

The Vatican typically restricts information about the health of popes, citing their privacy. The Holy See only confirmed that Pope John Paul II suffered from Parkinson's disease after he died.

Pope Benedict XVI enjoyed robust health during his seven-year pontificate, only missing a scheduled appearance after he broke his wrist in a fall in 2009.

Francis doesn't enjoy such good health. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as he was known then, had wanted to be a missionary as a young priest but was counselled against it by his superior in Argentina because of the toll it would have taken on his frail health.

To this day, Francis speaks softly — barely over a whisper — and doesn't sing.

Vatican No. 2 also ill

The Vatican's no. 2, the secretary of state, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, has been recovering for a month from unspecified urgent surgery that made him a no-show at his own welcome ceremony Oct. 15.

The Vatican has yet to reveal what has been ailing Parolin, except to say he was treated by the hospital's hepatobiliary department; the body's hepatobiliary system refers to the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts.

Officials have said Parolin, 58, is expected in Rome on Saturday.
Stop the Press!  Pope Francis has a cold and has to cancel a few appointments.
They said, "He has a cold." How often have they understated things? I think we should take the time to pray for the pope.
Pray Pray Pray
Jeez.  just let the poor man have some rest, he could use a break, with his age, health, and job.
(11-16-2013, 01:17 PM)drummerboy Wrote: [ -> ]Jeez.  just let the poor man have some rest, he could use a break, with his age, health, and job.

Apart from the liberals/pagans bashing him for sticking with Tradition and rad-trads/pharisees bashing him for not stabbing infidels in the heart with his ferula and burning heretics at the stake.....not to mention having to keep the bishops and cardinals in line and contending with 6 Billion Catholics and fighting off the internal Masonic and homosexual mafias trying to destroy the Church and everyone expecting him to be exactly like or like not Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI.

...It has to be extremely taxing on the man.  sad(