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Full Version: Bp Williamson 11/16 column on our economy
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There are two good reasons why not even very pious Catholics should scorn economic questions. Individually, to run their own household they need common sense in this domain, now heavily discounted. And socially, they need some grasp of what is going on in the society around them, because that truth is heavily distorted by the conscious or unconscious agents of the anti-Christian New World Order (NWO), which aims to make all souls finish in Hell.

More than once readers here have had recommended to them the common sense and truthfulness of an American commentator, Dr Paul Craig Roberts. He has recently written an article arguing that the real crisis in the USA government is not its shutdown, being then much talked about, but its constant underlying inability to balance its budget, because of too little income and too much expenditure. The too little income he attributes not to the expense of Social Security, which pays its way, but to decades of out-shoring America’s manufacturing to foreign lands with cheap labour, which has so impoverished American consumers that tax revenues have severely dropped. Too much expenditure he attributes to the draining cost of one foreign war after another. So he diagnoses that for the American government to solve its real crisis, the jobs must be brought home and the foreign wars stopped. But “powerful organized interests oppose any such measures, and so Congress will do neither .”

In fact Dr Roberts adds that in his opinion the American economy cannot be salvaged in its present form because unwise use of technology is exhausting the environment. Moreover economists being “incapable of original thought” and “elected representatives being dependent on the private interests that finance their election campaigns”, then “at this time collapse seems the most likely forecast.” And there will only come something more intelligent from the ruins, he says, if there will be leaders to show the way.

The Doctor paints a dark picture, but its common sense and truth must be heeded. The common sense is that a major budget problem must be solved by a major increase in revenue or by a major cut in costs, or both. It cannot be solved by going into ever more colossal debt. One truth he mentions is the foolishness of economists without common sense, for example their pretence that manufacturing jobs, being outmoded, might just as well be out-sourced. Another truth is the power of the “organized interests” that push for foreign wars, and of the “private interests” that control the supposedly democratic elections.

But what motive can these interests have for wishing to drive the United States economy into collapse ? Agents of the NWO are working hard to break down the United Sates and all Western nations with any national identity or pride, so that they will let themselves be the more easily absorbed into the NWO. Economists will be made dumb in the Schools of Economics, and elected representatives will be handsomely paid to enmesh their countries in debt, because Scripture says that the debtor makes himself servant, or slave, of the creditor. Thus the problem of Western governments is being made deliberately so insoluble that the temptation to distract the enslaved peoples with World War III will eventually become irresistible. Was it not resisted only just in the recent push for the attack on Syria ? Catholics, you are going to have to be tomorrow those leaders that Dr Roberts hopes for today. Only you have the complete picture.

Study and pray.

Kyrie eleison.
Thanks, Richard.

And in other news, bee colony collapse has been determined to be caused by pesticides.
Quote:New research has cast light on how pesticides can cause physiological stress in bees.

Research by the Royal Holloway University of London suggests that pesticide levels may be affecting the bee population indirectly.

Small reductions in performance at the individual level - for example changing the foraging behaviour - multiplied across many bees in the colony can have a large impact at the group level, the study found.

Dr Nigel Raine told the Today programme's John Humphrys that "the pesticides affect the normal behaviour of the individual bees.

"And that has a knock-on effect ultimately on the colony function," he added.

"What we are seeing is colony failure, which hasn't been shown in pesticide stress before."
Well some of his column are exciting.
I saw his videos predicting another 9/11 style terrorist attack during the London Olympics. That was exciting.