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Full Version: Culture of Life!
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I could've posted this in some other sub-fora, but decided to put this here because it totally illustrates what we Catholics mean by "The Culture of Life". Here is a set of twins who seem to not know that they've been born yet... It's just so beautiful...

Thank You, Lord Christ, for all the beauty in the world, for life, for Love!

...and this morning on WGN, they reported premature babies do much better with skin to skin touch with their mothers instead of incubators etc. This came as a flash to them reported from some egg head doctors which study tropical diseases or some other thing. Imagine children need their mother's touch, how unbelievable. I especially love the scientific tem "skin to skin" as if there was a different kind. ABSURD.

You are both so right. There's nothing like it. My own return to the Faith started during expecting our fourth time. We'd had a miscarriage the year before, after six years of no more babies, just having been expecting long enough to understand that the doctors were wrong about our chances to conceive. When we went for the first visit with the OB-GYN, we learned that we were expecting twins. Because of complications, my wife spent the pregnancy in bed rest. For the first time in years, I began attending Mass, and eventually returned fully, to the Faith, and found Tradition. The babies were two months premature, spent five weeks and six weeks in NICU, until we could take them home. They spent the next year on monitors for a serious apnea issue. Aside from sharing my celiac disease, they are happy, healthy 8 year-old girls now. But I can never forget the way that Our Lord used that time to call me back, and I finally listened. Here's to the Culture of Life, and the One True Faith! May all be able to find their way to it.

A year old picture, just for fun.[Image: 1bJ2ukG0k4idJ0B9G9UUCGD1Bbg1ire1cKKjuZ27...-h207-p-no]