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Full Version: Putin kisses Madonna icon at Vatican
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This is curious in my book. Let's hope Pope Francis shared with Putin the request to Consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. Pray those rosaries.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown off his religious side during a visit to the Vatican, stopping to cross himself and kiss an icon of the Madonna that he gave to Pope Francis.

Putin and Francis met privately for 35 minutes Monday evening in the pope's private library. The Vatican didn't immediately disclose details about the conversation.

Francis gave Putin a ceramic mosaic of the Vatican gardens, and Putin presented Francis with an image of the icon of the Madonna of Vladimir, an important religious icon for the Russian Orthodox faithful.

After they exchanged the gifts, Putin asked Francis if he liked it, and Francis said he did. Putin then crossed himself and kissed the image, and Francis followed suit.

The Argentine pope is particularly devoted to Marian icons.

While I'm not exactly thrilled with the veneration Putin is getting in traditionalist circles, I do give him credit for being a man of faith. I do believe his Christianity is sincere.
It more or less rules him out of being the Antichrist.  :grin:

Putin could be the tool God uses to get the consecration done.
You've far greater optimism regarding the man in Rome than I do. We've go to pray for his conversion to Tradition ---- to Traditional Catholicism. Kyrie Eleision.+
What's so strange about an Orthodox man crossing himself before an icon and kissing it, it's really as automatic as a Latin Rite Catholic blessing himself with holy water upon entering a church or genuflecting towards the tabernacle. The Vladimir Theotokos is a very important icon to Russian Orthodox.
Putin is just as bad as Obama. There is strong evidence that shows the Russians brought down the Polish plane at Smolensk which had its highest government officials. Not to mention Smolensk is the place were Stefan Batory defeated the Russians. And lets not get started with how Putin treats Chechnya or the Georgians. Oh and lets also remember that he's an unrepentant  divorcee and an adulterer whose adversaries mysteriously die.

You know who's more Christian than Putin? The Soviet Union! God bless those God not-so-fearing men and women who were 100 times more anti-porn, anti-sodomy, and pro-family values than Putin. Maybe it's those great Communists who will convert Russia to Catholicism, and hey, while we're at it, maybe one day the glorious red flag will fly over St. Peter's basilica and they will convert the Church back to tradition and condemn Vatican II as a robber council. It must be true! It must!  It must! How can a regime who had a law and order system that makes modern Russia look like a morally depraved hell hole be anti-Fatima? As long as you're anti-sodomy/anti-porn/pro-family/pro-worker/anti-greed/etc. you must be on the same side as the Church! The enemies of our enemies are our friends! Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

All this KGB propaganda on the internet that says Russia is somehow anti-NWO is BS. Russophilia is to traditionalism what Christian Zionism is to Protestantism.
I'm a fan of Western Icons myself; I chalk up to having been regular parishioner at a Byzantine Chapel for about 4 years prior to going SSPX. :tiphat:
The Argentine pope is particularly devoted to Marian icons.

So am I
:) :) :)
(11-27-2013, 07:09 PM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]You've far greater optimism regarding the man in Rome than I do. We've go to pray for his conversion to Tradition ---- to Traditional Catholicism. Kyrie Eleision.+

I pray he converts to Catholicism through the Russian Catholic Church. I pray for the day when the Russian Catholics have a hierarchy again. Pray for the conversion of the Orthodox.
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