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Full Version: Pope Leo XIII
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He is starting to become my favorite pope. His encyclicals are great spiritual reading.  On top of this, I actually visited his grand tomb in the Lateran.  Grin

Who is your favorite pope and why?
Pope Eugene IV , just read Cantate Domino.
Pope Lando.
I, too, favor Leo XIII but I, also, like St. Pius X, and Gregory the Great, Pius V. Not much into JP II and P6.
Easily for me it's Pope Pius XII at #1. Leo XIII would be my 2nd favorite.
Blessed Pius IX is my favourite. Pope Leo would rank higher in my opinion if he had not stabbed the Catholic Monarchists of France in the back, leading to the confiscation at bayonet point of Church property, the expulsion of the teaching Orders, etc.
John Paul the Great for me, and Pope Benedict. Pope Francis is shaping up well too!
St. Peter. Nothing gives me a good laugh like reading about him going head first into trouble without always thinking things through. A true leader!

I'm also touched by his repentance. His repentance is especially amplified considering Pilate and Judas killed themselves. I guess you can see he was like a rock.
Pope Peter.

I don't know who my favorite is, but among my least favorites are John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul II (though I really liked JPII's warmth and charisma and general "likeability"  Assuming he didn't talk in the same style in which he wrote, he seemed like someone I would've liked very much to have had as a friend in real life if he hadn't been Pope --- though I'd have been arguing with him hard about a NUMBER of things).  The reason why they're my least favorites is because I believed that they, either through positive action or negligence, caused or allowed a LOT of damage to the human element of the Church and the Church's rites. I don't think we'll recover from it all until there's a complete restoration of the traditional rites along with all the other stuff I'm always posting about (better catechesis, much richer parish life, emphasizing the heart along with the head, etc.)

The jury is still out for me when it comes to Pope Francis, but I am very much in love with his hands-on approach to people, the way he reaches out to folks, his emphasis on charity as the best means of evangelizing  -- even as I lament his apparent lack of prudence when dealing with the media (though it seems he's been "wily-ing up" on that lately. I sure hope so anyway!) and maybe a rather "provincial" view of the goings-on in the Catholic world. I think that latter issue is changing lately, too... I think if those two problems were dealt with and if we trads -- by being sincere, loving, non-toxic trads who are provably concerned with the poor and sick, et. al. (i.e., if we were to become associated with the spiritual and corporal Acts of Mercy), were to implore him, en masse, to do more to promote the traditional sacramental rites, we could have a good thing going on with Pope Francis. I haven't heard a whole lot about his approach to Jewish-Catholic relations, but that would be a big deciding factor in my knowing where to "place" him in my mental ranking (The Great Pope Race LOL). 
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