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Full Version: Best books on how to become holy?
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Can anyone recommend some? Imitation of Christ, True Devotion to Mary, Introduction to the Devout Life initially come to mind. What else?
The bible, esp the Douay Rheims version
Scripture, primarily, along with the other pillar of Tradition via books like you have mentioned.
Christ, the Life of the Soul, by Columba Marmion (and anything else by him).

This Tremendous Lover and Difficulties in Mental Prayer, by M. Eugene Boylan.

The Spiritual Combat, by Lorenzo Scupoli.

How to Resist Temptation, by Francis Remler.
I'm tempted to get the last book on your list CB - but I'm resisting!

The Way of Interior Peace by Fr. De Lehen
(12-16-2013, 09:39 PM)triumphguy Wrote: [ -> ]I'm tempted to get the last book on your list CB - but I'm resisting!

[Image: kermit-yay-flail-o.gif]
12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation - Liguori
"The Way of Perfection" by St Theresa of Avila
I recommend a steady diet of books that tell the stories of Saints lives, in addition to what has been listed in the previous posts.  The Saints are our role models and you can learn so much about being holy by learning of their lives.  There are good DVDs available, too.
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