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Full Version: Being confirmed in 2014
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Help! I've been looking at online videos of people's confirmations to have some idea what to expect at mine. In all that I have seen, after the bishop does his thing, he shakes their hand and moves on to the next one. In lieu of a handshake, would it be appropriate to genuflect to my bishop instead (on the left if yes, I know.)?

When tradition is totally ignored, you end up with rock music, pyrotechnics and grape juice and "host" in a single serving coffee creamer sort of thing, with the preacher teaching each week on whatever old thing he fancies at the moment. Too much emphasis can be a stumbling block, as most protestants don't know the difference between tradition and Tradition. Can't tell I'm coming out of the protestant church can you?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
Congratulations, I am myself being confirmed and am RCIA. I have to say its been an extremely positive change in my life, I am comming from having no religious background except extremely liberal Protestantism when I was like 12, I know that didn't answer the question but had to offer my regards Smile
Ill be confirmed this year also.
Are you being Confirmed in the EF or OF?
Just do what you're told to.
I have no helpful advice, but lots of congratulations for all those getting confirmed!  Grin
I was confirmed last year (Pentecost 2013) in the OF although I go to the EF. My advice is to suck it up. The Holy Spirit is the same in both forms of the mass, even if you have a preference.
I assume EF is Extraordinary Form and OF is Ordinary Form? Further, I assume the N.O. is considered OF? If so, I attend what I would consider a conservative OF.
The bishop will annoint your forehead and then he will extend his hand to you saying, "Peace be with you." You are supposed to answer, "And with your spirit." It used to be that the bishop would lightly slap you on the cheek to remind you that as a Catholic you could be persecuted for your faith. They no longer do that. You are not expected to curtsey or genuflect before the bishop.
I'm in RCIA as well and will be conditionally baptized and then confirmed Easter Vigil 2014. I'm totally excited... Grin