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Full Version: How one Jew thinks of the Church
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This will most likely be my last post about how non-Catholics think about Catholicism, unless it comes from an academic source.

I plan to hit the reset button on many things in my life, spirituality included, assuming that it still exists.

One of my high school friends has a friendship with a Jewish individual who likes to have discussions about religion, faith, and God.

He's not an Orthodox Jew and I don't know what other type he is. I've been told he is the kind of guy you would love to have a rational conversation with.

Today, I was tagged in a video that "reviewed the Catholic Church in 2013". He was included, too.

I went to his profile and I could tell that he really admires the Current Pontiff. Here's a conversation he had with some of his friend of a quote attributed to Francis on "how people worship an evil economy." [I'm paraphrasing the "papal quote" here]

Friend #1:

As you know, I am Jewish, but I have respect for the Church and its recent Popes. They have done their best to mend the wounds with the Jewish people. I stand with the Church and its not because I have some family who are Catholic, I am one who respects the good the Church has done.... I know I know, the anti Catholic folks are going to bring out the "bads" verses the good stuff the Church has done... you know what, you tell me a faith, culture or anything human that is perfect and you have me, but until then, shut up and focus on the good, we have enough bad crap in the world, why add to it?

Jewish Individual:

Of course it's always a mixed bag. But the Catholic Church has really corrected many of its serious wrongs in the past 40 years or so, and humbly owned up to what cannot ever be undone or corrected. They're pretty awesome now, though they'd be more awesome if they would come around on women's rights, LGBT issues, and contraception. At least they no longer think we're going to Hell for being Jewish!

Friend #2:

{CENSORED} {CENSORED} as {CENSORED} notes the naysayers are in abundance and quick to respond. Having been called to an interfaith ministry I too am hopeful Pope Francis is leading in that direction. We cannot undo easily or entirely what really amounts to centuries of poor relations and outright abuse. God is calling us to stop them and follow the way laid out for us.........His way...........together. All faiths as one everyone included.

My high school friend told me that he admires this guy (the one in blue). I wonder if he already thinks like him.

I even took my friend to a TLM years ago!
The Church never thought Jews were "going to Hell for being Jewish" to begin with.
(01-03-2014, 05:39 PM)Farmer88 Wrote: [ -> ]The Church never thought Jews were "going to Hell for being Jewish" to begin with.

No, but they do go to hell for dying as non-Catholics (whether religious or irreligious Jews), not having accepted the gift of divine faith (thus not having joined the Church at least in voto).