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Full Version: De-certification of CNO institutions
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I am not an American and therefore it might be said that I do not have a dog in this fight. However, whatever happens in Catholic USA impacts the Catholic world especially in Anglosphere.

Is there some kind of pressure group, or lobbying group, call it what you will, campaigning for the 'de-certification' as Catholic institutions which have long since ceased to be Catholic in name only? I think especially at this time of Notre Dame.
Surely compliance with the HHS mandate is the very last straw (as if any more were needed)?
If this hasn't happened yet (surely it must have), surely groups such as St Josephs Foundation, in line with orthodox Catholic groups around the US as well as individuals need to petition the relevant Ordinaries or other authorties, as well as the relevant dicasteries of the Holy See, with the support of decent bishops (they do exist, if few and far between), for the decertification of such institutions.
Am I naïve, or are even bishops like Finn and Cordileone not to mention Burke in Rome, all so utterly "collegial" and spineless that they would want no part in confronting brother Bishops in a matter as essential as this?
Are there such lobbyists/groups preparing for the inevitable?
This falls under the responsability of the bishops and this doese happen from time to time. Recently an American bishop removed the "Catholic" status from a previously Catholic hospital when he learned that they had performed an abortion and they would not commit to him that that procedure would not be repeated. There is a canonical lawsuit asking for the removal of the Catholic label from Georgetown University.
Thanks Poche.
This needs to happen more widely and systematically - and that the process is up and running for places such as Notre Shame.