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Full Version: Name Days
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What do you usually do to celebrate name days in your home?  My son's name day is this Saturday (which means it is my name day too) and I am going to try to do something special.
What's name day?
I would suggest reading about the saint he is named after, praying the Collect from the Mass offered on his feast day, reading the various Troparia and Kontakia to him etc. Reading lives of saints is always a wise choice, for it can bring alive to you.and your son the saint whom you guys are named after, making him that much more real to you. Perhaps also you could speak of the communion of saints, how all those righteous dead (including the saint who you guys are named after) are alive in Christ and can be called upon, conversed with and depended upon like good friends. Finally, if you like icons or holy cards it might be a good idea to get a few of the saint you guys are named after and keep them in a prayer corner our something. May the good Lord help you in this!
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