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Full Version: Ars Orandi and Age of Mary
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Does anybody know what happened to these web sites?
Weird. I didn't realize Ars Orandi had vanished until you posted this. According to my rss feed on Blogger, the last entry was 2 weeks ago.
Ars Orandi is no more.

Here's the relevant part of the post:

Below is the text from Mr. Werling’s Facebook page, with the explanation of why he has closed the blog.


It’s probably best to put the rumors to rest. No, the Jews aren’t to blame for my sudden departure from the internet, nor the Masons, liberals or the government.

The reason is, is that I had an epiphany, a sudden realization that all of this and more, including my personal construction of “traditional Catholicism”, had turned me into an incredibly ugly person. How many people have I insulted and made to feel like shit? Is that the faith? If that’s your faith, you can keep it; I’m done with it. It was all nothing more than a façade, a double life that even had me fooled, and it was all fed by my narcissism and delusions of grandeur. It was those closest to me who suffered the most, and it had to end.I’ve always believed myself to be a better person than I am… no, I’ve never been happy with who I am, and that’s a sad and pathetic thing. Before all this, I was an ex-seminarian who wrote fantasy stories and poetry, and I played Dungeons and Dragons, listened to rock music, and enjoyed long car rides with my wife, blaring that same rock music as loud as possible. I was happy then, but that was the kind of person I came to judge and condemn with the most severity once I became the internet asshole all of you know. So you know what? I quit the internet to write poetry and fantasy, and I’m going to find a D&D game too! If you think I’m going to hell, then say a prayer for me. If you snicker and judge me, then, oh well; not that long ago I was just like you, sad and pathetic.Of course, a good deal of loony bigots and conspiracy theory kooks will conclude that this has been penned by some Satan worshipping Jew-Freemason. For you reasonable folks, take that for what it is… creepy cultish and destructive behavior.So, if you want to believe in something, stop looking for it on the internet. True faith isn’t an internet opinion composed by an internet asshole. Lighten up. Listen to music. God won’t hate us if we stop being jerks. As my daughter told me recently, if it just causes you stress, then what is it? Shouldn’t it comfort you?In conclusion, a quote from one of my favorite movies, Apocalypse Now, which seems to sums up internet people quite well: “There are two of you, don’t you see? One that kills… and one that loves.”

So, there you have it. Apparently, our dear friend Mr. Werling has decided to kill his excellent blog. I can't decide what's sadder: his decision, or his stated reason for doing it. That final post is definitely beneath him, IMHO.
Wow! I never saw any of that in his posts at least of the ones that made to facebook. In fact, all I ever said was religious writings and the prospers for Sunday, special Feasts and whatnot. It seems that if he had the attitude he describes he hid it well from his blog. Ironically that post of his is the only place I've ever encountered anything like it.
This is the second traditional Catholic I've seen who claimed to live a double life. Hopefully he hasn't lost his faith too. Is this a common happening in traditionalism?
"So, there you have it. Apparently, our dear friend Mr. Werling has decided to kill his excellent blog. I can't decide what's sadder: his decision, or his stated reason for doing it. That final post is definitely beneath him, IMHO."

Ya know I wonder about that. I think it's part of the struggle of being human and living in this world.  I found his blog to be excellent and after reading his reason for stopping it would appear to me that he has been wounded by the enemy. His blog was awesome and uplifting and not for just me, it would appear. I suggest we add him to our prayers, as he asked, and let him work out whatever he's working out...

I can't help but keep thinking this has eerie shades of "black sheep dog" written on it...
Thanks for the update.

Weirder still, and very sad.

He did used to post some entries where he commented on current events and issues in the Church. I didn't particularly like those ones; maybe that's what he's referring to.  I did find his posts on the propers and the liturgical year to be very, very edifying though.  I hope he returns to that some day.

For some time I was turned away from the trad movement because it seemed to be a haven for neurotic people unable to face their own psychological problems, and using religiosity as a cover.
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