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Full Version: Wreckovation & Restoration Thread
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Thought I'd start a thread just for pix of hideous wreckovations and wonderful restorations. The idea came to me after coming across this article about Holy Name parish in Brooklyn that got wreckovated in the 1980s (pix below). It's being restored, praise God, but still falls short of what it once was (see original article).

B e f o r e

[Image: hnwreckovation1.jpg]

[Image: hnwreckovation1.jpg]

A f t e r

[Image: hnwreckovation3.jpg]

That is indeed ghastly! Its barren, sterile, empty, the most important part of the sanctuary is literally nonexistent!
Buttresses flying from out of No where
Maybe they should put a big black cube in the center to look like that thing at the UN,a monument to, well, whatever you want it to be.
Just like the church of Vac .II -EMPTY.
How can something like that be anything but a deliberate attempt to destroy beauty?  We can see that the replacement is horrid, and it hits you right in the gut.  There is no reasonable explanation.  It is deliberate destruction.
Huh-uh sad...