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Full Version: New Harrisburg Bishop
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Bishop Ronald W. Gainer of Lexington has been named next Bishop of Harrisburg, PA
We're very excited about this... Reports are that he celebrated a TLM with FSSP priests during his previous post in Lexington:
You are getting a wonderful man.  We are losing one and now are in limbo as to who will we have as our bishop.  Our family is praying it is somebody who is as wonderful and supportive of the TLM as Bishop Gainer has been.  I am a member of the Regina Pacis chaplaincy and he has has celebrated TLM with us.  He also confirmed my two youngest sons in the traditional confirmation rite.  Our one priest always said several years ago, don't brag too much on him or he won't be ours for long.  How true. 

Please pray for our diocese that we will be sent a holy man who will be supportive of the TLM.