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Full Version: Four of the original schema of VII have been translated into English
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They are annotated with footnotes as well, comparing them with the VII documents and pointing out where certain quotations and references came from. This might get controversial...very controversial. Because now we can read what was discarded.
These were posted a while back.

The tone is most certainly different and they are much shorter, but it does seem like much of what was said here was incoporated into the what was actually produced--which was surprising to me given what I have heard of how these were treated.  Of course, it seems a lot was added too.

A fifth one has been translated (maybe even the most significant one), the one on the Church (De Ecclesia):

In this one, again, the final documents that supposedly replaced this draft do not seem like the grand departure from the original that they are often portrayed as. 

I find it surprising that a lot of the footnotes were ommitted in the final documents derived from this draft, especially on things that may have been controversial.  For example, the footnotes on the precedents for considering the separated eastern groups as particular Churches or the idea that baptized non-Catholics may be admitted to the saraments, including Holy Communion, are supported well in the footnotes, but are left without such footnote support in the final documents. 
I told Unam Sanctam Catholicam on Facebook about that other one on the Church. Unam or whoever runs it turned the whole 11 PDFs into a single PDF, which makes for a bit easier reading.