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Full Version: 7 Nuns Die in Mexico Bus Crash
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Nuns among nine dead in Mexico bus crash
Updated: 09:49, Monday January 27, 2014

Seven nuns and two men were killed when the bus they were travelling in fell into a deep ravine in central Mexico.

'It was a terrible accident,' Puebla Archbishop Victor Sanchez said on Sunday in his homily about the accident that also injured another two nuns.

'I ask everyone to pray for them so that God takes them in his glory and help the families cope.'

The nuns, aged between 20 and 46, belonged to the Order of the Most Holy Saviour and Saint Bridget.

They were returning to their convent late Saturday in Puebla after spending a few days in a retirement home in Ciudad Serdan.

Their bus fell into an 80-metre ravine).

The two surviving nuns were recovering in hospital from serious injuries.

The accident is under investigation by the state attorney and the cause remains unknown.
The two men that died were seminarians.
Lord have mercy.