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Full Version: Pope Francis and Communion in the Hand
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Hmm, something good!

So simply done finger no no and point to the mouth, only Italians.

i didnt see pope francis rejecting CITH in that video.

and its the norm at the vatican to receive on the tongue.
Smile. I read in my missal today one of the reason the priest washes his hands is so they are clean for the Eucharist, after reading that why receiving in the hand became norm anywhere doesn't make sense.
Pope Francis is giving both species by intinction, this doesn't reveal what he does when giving it under one species, bread, alone.
Does anyone have any video of that?
Alas, I believe I am right in recalling that Pope Francis kept up BXVI's practice of communion on the tongue for about two months - and then dumped it.

It seems to me that part of his strategy has been not to make sudden, dramatic changes, but introduce them slowly bit by bit ...

Indeed, just like BXVI was doing with tradition, slowly bit by bit ... but now in the opposite direction.     sad(