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Full Version: Consecration to Mary
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My SSPX parish is encouraging the faithful to do individual consecrations to Mary via the method of St Louis de Montfort.
I am wondering if anyone can give me any tips on their experience with this.
Does it help to move one from the purgative to the illuminative to the contemplative?
Any special benefits or insights that it provides?
This is a very short read that should answer your questions.
I highly recommend it.  You will go very deep into your faith with

this consecration.  You will begin to move toward Jesus in a much

more powerful and holy way, through His Holy Mother.

You will make the effort to rid yourself of what is sinful and unclean within you,

and replace it with what is of Mary. This in turn leads you to Christ in a more perfect

way, because all of Our Lady's paths lead to Her Divine Son............

I hope you take it on and I wish you much growth and peace from it...........


St Raymond of Penafort, pray for us
Angelus Press publishes a 5 week preparation book put together by Fr. Helmets Libletis which is very good. It puts all the readings of Montfort and his reading recommendations in one spot broken down into daily meditations.  I have found it very user friendly.  This way you don't need several books.