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Full Version: The Shoah as State Religion?: Blasphemy in Secular France
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I could've posted this in the sub-forum about Protestantism and Judaism and Other religions, or in the Secular News forum, but I decided to post it here, in the Catholic News forum because it shows so clearly how the "Eldest Daughter of the Church" has a new religion now: the Holocaust. Christ has been dethroned, and "the six million" have taken His place. Read this and deeply think about it. From Counterpunch:

Weekend Edition January 24-26, 2014
The Shoah as State Religion?
Blasphemy in Secular France



The campaign by the French government, mass media and influential organizations to silence the Franco-Cameroonese humorist Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala continues to expose a radical split in perception within the French population. The official “mobilization” against the standup comedian, first called for by Interior Minister Manuel Valls at a ruling Socialist Party gathering last summer, portrays the entertainer as a dangerous anti-Semitic rabble rouser, whose “quenelle”* gesture is interpreted as a “Nazi salute in reverse”.

Vox Wrote:I had to look up what the quenelle gesture is. This is what it looks like:

[Image: 395px-Quenelle_gesture.JPG]

For his fans and supporters, those accusations are false and absurd.

[html] The most significant result of the Dieudonné uproar so far is probably the dawning realization, among more and more people, that the “Shoah”, or Holocaust, functions as the semi-official State Religion of France. [/html]

On RTL television last January 10, [html]the well-known nonconformist commentator Eric Zemmour (who happens to be Jewish) observed that it was “grotesque and ridiculous” to associate Dieudonné with the Third Reich. Zemmour described Dieudonné as a product of the French left’s multiculturalism. “It’s the left that has taught us since May ’68 that it is prohibited to prohibit, that we must shock the bourgeois. It is the left that has turned the Shoah into the supreme religion of the Republic…”

Zemmour suggested that Dieudonné was provoking “the respectable left-wing bourgeoisie” and that he “reproaches Jews for wanting to conserve the monopoly of suffering and steal primacy in suffering from descendants of slavery”. [/html]

There is more than that at stake. [html] Reminders of the Shoah serve indirectly to justify France’s increasingly pro-Israel foreign policy in the Middle East.[/html]  Dieudonné opposed the war against Libya enough to go there to show his solidarity with the country being bombed by NATO.

Dieudonné began his career as a militant anti-racist.  Instead of apologizing for his 2003 sketch mocking an “extreme Zionist settler”, Dieudonné retorted by gradually extending his sphere of humor to cover the Shoah.  The campaign against him can be seen as an effort to restore the sacred character of the Shoah by enforcing repression of a contemporary form of blasphemy.

To confirm this impression, on January 9 an “historic” agreement was reached between the Paris Prosecutor’s Office and the French Shoah Memorial that any teenager found guilty of anti-Semitism may be sentenced to undergo a course of “sensitivity to the extermination of the Jews”.  Studying genocide is supposed to teach them “republican values of tolerance and respect for others”.

This is perhaps exactly what they don’t need.  The Prosecutor’s Office may be unaware of all the young people who are saying that they have had too much, rather than not enough, Shoah education.

Vox Wrote:The Jerusalem Post says that German kids are tired of hearing about it, too. I  think everyone but the Jewish people are tired of it:  there are, according to this NYT article, 6 THOUSAND books a year published about it -- SIXTEEN books every single DAY. There are the countless movies -- which always end up winning Academy Awards.  From that article, written in 2003 in the Jewish magazine, the Forward:

Quote: During the last seven years, a Holocaust-related documentary has garnered the golden statuette five times. Back in 1997, when Spike Lee’s acclaimed film “Four Little Girls” lost to “The Long Way Home,” the director infamously said, “I’d have rather been the New York Knicks in the fourth quarter, down 10 points, a minute left in the United Center, than have the odds we faced of winning the Oscar against the Holocaust film.”

Wim Wenders, too, in 1999, saw his hugely successful “Buena Vista Social Club” lose to “One Day in September,” a virtually unseen film about the murder of the Israeli delegation to the 1972 Olympic Games — a film that makes numerous, explicit Holocaust connections. “I was disappointed, but not because we lost,” Wenders told The Nation. “Only because we had not really had a fair chance to win.”

Is it just sour grapes, or is there really favoritism for Holocaust films in the Academy?

During interviews by the Forward with film insiders, immediate reactions to the question were glib, responses like “Look, there are a lot of Jews in the industry,” and “Everyone knows Jews control the media.”

(None of this is enough, of course, according to a Global Post article that bemoans:

Quote: More than a dozen European Union nations have failed to fully criminalise the denial of crimes against humanity and war crimes, the EU's executive said on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Though the bloc agreed in 2008 to outlaw the denial, condonement or gross trivialisation of such crimes, around half of its 28 members have failed to write these rules into their domestic legislation, the European Commission said.
European nations should really start cutting out the tongues of people who think "only" 4 million Jewish people died rather than 6 million, or that most of the Jews who died during WWII died of Typhus rather than gas chambers. The entire world could explode if those nefarious ideas were to become commonplace. If people want to deny that Jesus of Nazareth was an actual, Historical figure, that's OK. If they want to believe he was simultaneously, somehow, both homosexual and married to Mary Magdalen, that's OK, too. But don't anyone dare question any History involving what exactly happened to the Jewish people during the Third Reich -- or, especially, why (don't look at the Weimar Republic and Jewish Bolshevism behind the curtain!)

An atypical article in Le Monde of January 8 cited opinions anyone can easily hear from French youth, but which are usually ignored. After interviewing ten left-leaning, middle class spectators who denied any anti-Semitism, Soren Seelow quoted Nico, a 22-year-old left-voting law student at the Sorbonne, who adores Dieudonné for “liberating” laughter in what he considers a stuffy conformist society of “good thoughts”.  As for the Shoah, Nico complained that “they’ve been telling us about it since elementary school. When I was 12, I saw a film with bulldozers pushing bodies into ditches.  We are subjected to a guilt-inducing morality from the earliest age.”

Vox Wrote:And this in France, a country which, last time I checked, was at war with Germany. But nevermind that. The French must feel the guilt! It's what keeps the heart of Eretz Israel pumping with all those Euros and Yankee dollars being poured into it because - well, we're all Bad.

In addition to history courses, teachers organize commemorations of the Shoah and trips to Auschwitz.  Media reminders of the Shoah are almost daily.  Unique in French history, the so-called Gayssot law provides that any statement denying or minimizing the Shoah can be prosecuted and even lead to prison.

Scores of messages received from French citizens in response to my earlier article (CounterPunch, January 1, 2014) as well as private conversations make it clear to me that reminders of the Shoah are widely experienced by people born decades after the defeat of Nazism as invitations to feel guilty or at least uncomfortable [html]for crimes they did not commit. [/html]  Like many demands for solemnity, the Shoah can be felt as a subject that imposes uneasy silence. Laughter is then felt as liberation.

But for others, such laughter can only be an abomination.

Dieudonné has been fined 8,000 euros for his song “Shoananas”, and further such condemnations are in the offing.  Such lawsuits, brought primarily by LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme), also aim to wipe him out financially.


One line in the chorus against Dieudonné is that he is “no longer a comedian” but has turned his shows into “anti-Semitic political meetings” which spread “hatred”.  Even the distant New Yorker magazine has accused the humorist of making a career out of peddling “hatred”.  This raises images of terrible things happening that are totally remote from a Dieudonné show or its consequences.

There was no atmosphere of hatred among the thousands of fans left holding their tickets when Dieudonné’s January 9 show in Nantes was banned at the last minute by France’s highest administrative authority, the Conseil d’Etat. Nobody was complaining of being deprived of a “Nazi rally”.  Nobody thought of causing harm to anyone. All said they had come to enjoy the show.  They represented a normal cross-section of French youth, largely well-educated middle class. The show was banned on the grounds of “immaterial disturbance of public order”. The disappointed crowd dispersed peacefully.  Dieudonné’s shows have never led to any public disorder.

But there is no mistaking the virulent hatred against Dieudonné.

Philippe Tesson, a prominent editor, announced during a recent radio interview that he would “profoundly rejoice” at seeing Dieudonné executed by a firing squad. “He is a filthy beast, so get rid of him!” he exclaimed.

Vox Wrote:What a sweetie-pie!

The internet Rabbi Rav Haim Dynovisz, in the course of a theology lesson, acknowledged that Darwin’s theory of evolution, which he rejects, had been proved by Dieudonné to apply to “certain” people, who must have descended from gorillas.

Vox Wrote:Ouch! Another sweetie-pie!

Really, folks had better start standing up to these slurs, these demands for apologies, this bullying, with mockery and sarcasm and humor. The "ohhh, I'm so sorry... let me take a tour of the work camps and make a pilgrimage to Israel to prove just how much I can grovel!" crap must STOP. The stranglehold over our psyches is something that only has power, on an emotional level, if we give that power to them. They can ruin careers and slander folks in newspapers, but when people stop with the kowtowing and butt-kissing, when they write about how their careers have been ruined, when they prove the slander wrong by not being haters, then this madness can end.

Two 17-year-olds have been permanently expelled from their high school for having made the quenelle gesture, on grounds of “crimes against humanity”.  The Franco-Israeli web magazine JSSNews is busily investigating the identities of persons making the quenelle sign in order to try to get them fired from their jobs, boasting that it will “add to unemployment in France”.

Vox Wrote:If every single person in France were to make the quenelle gesture three times a day, in public, in broad daylight, and not apologize for it (and pray God, not meaning anything Nazi about it -- Nazism being a political philosophy that has NO place in a Catholic's life!), they lose that power. Think about this! Some teenaged kid holds his arm this way, and his other arm that way, and gets expelled on the grounds of "CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY." It's beyond ridiculous, and that the group of people so outraged over such silliness has the power to make much ado of nothing is a phenomenon that's way past its expiration date.

The owners of the small Paris theater, “La Main d’Or”, rented by Dieudonné on a lease running until 2019, recently rushed back from Israel expressing their intention to use a technicality to end his lease and throw him out.

The worst thing Dieudonné has ever said during his performances, so far as I am aware, was a personal insult against the radio announcer Patrick Cohen.  Cohen has insistently urged that persons he calls “sick brains” such as Dieudonné or Tariq Ramadan be banned from television appearances.  In late December, French television (which otherwise has kept Dieudonné off the airwaves) recorded Dieudonné  saying that “when I hear Patrick Cohen talking, I think to myself, you know, the gas chambers…Too bad…”

With the anti-Dieudonné campaign already well underway, this offensive comment was seized upon as if it were typical of Dieudonné’s shows.  It was an excessively crude reaction by Dieudonné to virulent personal attacks against himself.

Vox Wrote:The old "Let's Get Mel Trick." Let's take some guy who poured his heart and soul and own money into a movie about the Passion of -- 'That Man, May His Name Be Blotted Out', accuse him of antisemitism for a full year before his movie is out, drag his name through the mud, fill the airwaves with rabbis going on and on about how, if that movie is show, the pogroms will commence, make it impossible for him to release the movie in the normal way, and get him naturally and righteously angry by our incessant poking and prodding. Then we wait for his natural and normal human reaction to show itself. Lucky for us, he got drunk one night, got pulled over, and FINALLY actually did say something anti-semtic so we could say, "See? We told you he's just an old Jew-hater!"

Irreverence is a staple for standup comics, like it or not.  And Dieudonné’s references to the Holocaust, or Shoah, all fall into the category of irreverence.

[html]On matters other than the Shoah, there is no shortage of irreverence in France.

Traditional religions, as well as prominent individuals, are regularly caricatured in a manner so scatological as to make the quenelle look prudish. In October, 2011, Paris police intervened against traditional Catholics who sought to interrupt a play which included (the apparent) pouring of excrement over the face of Jesus. The political-media establishment vigorous defended the play, unconcerned that it was perceived by some people as “offensive”.

Recently, France gave a big welcome to the Ukrainian group calling itself “Femen”, young women who seem to have studied Gene Sharp’s doctrines of provocation, and use their bare breasts as (ambiguous) statements. These women were rapidly granted residence papers (so hard to get for many immigrant workers) and allowed to set up shop in the midst of the main Muslim neighborhood in Paris, where they immediately attempted to try (unsuccessfully) to provoke the incredulous residents. The blonde Femen leader was even chosen to portray the symbol of the Republic, Marianne, on the current French postage stamp, although she does not speak French.

Last December 20, these “new feminists” invaded the Church of the Madeleine near the Elysée Palace in Paris, acted out “the abortion of Jesus” and then pissed on the high altar. There were no cries of indignation from the French government. The Catholic Church is complaining, but such complaints have a feeble echo in France today. [/html]

Vox Wrote:Read those highlighted paragraphs again -- and contrast with the kids thrown out of school for holding one arm this way, and the other arm that way. Think about this. I mean really, really, really THINK about this. How did this come to be? How could 2% of the population come to have such power as to make it so, in a traditionally Catholic country, that feminists can PISS ON THE HIGH ALTAR of the Church of the Madeleine and there's nary a peep, but some comedian cracks a joke and he's gunned for like he's the Antichrist. How?

Why the Shoah Must Be Sacred

When Dieudonné sings lightly of the Shoah, he is believed by some to be denying the Holocaust and calling for its repetition (a contradictory proposition, upon reflection).  The sacred nature of the Shoah is defended by the argument that keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust is essential to prevent it from “happening again”.  By suggesting the possibility of repetition, it keeps fear alive.

This argument is generally accepted as a sort of law of nature.  We must keep commemorating genocide to prevent it from happening again.  But is there really any evidence to support this argument?

Nothing proves that repeated reminders of an immense historic event that happened in the past prevent it from happening again. History doesn’t work that way. As for the Shoah, gas chambers and all, it is quite preposterous to imagine that it could happen again considering all the factors that made it happen in the first place.  Hitler had a project to confirm the role of Germans as the master “Aryan” race in Europe, and hated the Jews as a dangerous rival elite.  Who now has such a project? Certainly not a Franco-African humorist!  Hitler is not coming back, nor is Napoleon Bonaparte, nor is Attila the Hun.

Constantly recalling the Shoah, in articles, movies, news items, as well as at school, far from preventing anything, can create a morbid fascination with “identities”. It fosters “victim rivalries”.  This fascination can lead to unanticipated results. Some 330 schools in Paris bear plaques commemorating the Jewish children who were deported to Nazi concentration camps.  How do little Jewish children today react to that?  Do they find it reassuring?

Vox Wrote:With nary a mention of the Catholics who were killed in Nazi work camps, of course. And nevermind any monument anywhere for the victims of Communism.

This may be useful to the State of Israel, which is currently undertaking a three-year program to encourage more of France’s 600,000 Jews to leave France and go to Israel. In 2013, the number of Aliyah from France rose to more than 3,000, a trend attributed by the European Jewish Press to the “French Jewish community’s increasingly Zionistic mentality, particularly among young French Jews, and a manifestation of efforts by the Jewish Agency, the Israel government, and other non-profits to cultivate Jewish identity in France.”

“If this year we have seen Aliyah from France go from under 2,000 to more than 3,000, I look forward to seeing that number grow to 6,000 and beyond in the near future, as we connect ever more young people to Jewish life and to Israel,” declared Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel.  Surely, one way to encourage Aliyah is to scare Jews with the threat of anti-Semitism, and claiming that Dieudonné’s numerous fans are Nazis in disguise is a good way to do this.

Vox Wrote:If I were Jewish, I'd hope to God I'd see through these Jewish leaders' manipulations and tell them all where to get off. It's sick. It's evil.

But as for Jews who want to live in France, is it really healthy to keep reminding Jewish children that, if they are not wary, their fellow citizens might one day want to hoard them onto freight trains and ship them all to Auschwitz?  I have heard people saying privately that this permanent reminder is close to child abuse.

Vox Wrote:It is. Think about it. Imagine some sweet, innocent little 6 year old Jewish kid, being told that everyone who isn't Jewish hates him for no apparent reason, or because of some "virus of antisemitism" that can break out anytime, anywhere, from no cause at all, and how this irrational aspect of the goy brain results in pogroms and death camps. It's incredibly sad!

Someone who thinks that way is Jonathan Moadab, a 25-year-old independent journalist who was interviewed by Soren Seelow. Moadab is both anti-Zionist and a practicing Jew.  As a child he was taken to tour Auschwitz. He told Seelow that that living with that “victim indoctrination” had engendered a sort of “pre-traumatic stress syndrome”.

“Dieudonné’s jokes about the Shoah, like his song Shoananas, are not aimed at the Shoah itself,” he says, “but at the exploitation of the Holocaust described by the American political writer Norman Finkelstein.”

[html] On January 22, on his web site Agence Info Libre, Jonathan Moadab openly called for “separating the State from the Holocaust religion”. Moadab cites professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz as the first to point out the many ways in which the Holocaust has become the new Jewish religion. If that is so, everyone has the right to practice the religion of the Shoah. But should it be the official religion of France?

French politicians never cease celebrating the “laicité”, the secularism, of the French Republic. Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who proclaims his own devotion to Israel, because his wife is Jewish, recently called the Shoah the “sanctuary that cannot be profaned”. Moadab concludes that if the Shoah is a sanctuary, then the Holocaust is a religion, and the Republic is not secular. [/html]

Changes are taking place in the attitude of young people in France. This change is not due to Dieudonné.  It is due to the passage of time.  The Holocaust became the religion of the West at a time when the generation after World War II was in the mood to blame their parents.  Now we are with the grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, of those who lived through that period, and they want to look ahead.  No law can stop this.

*As described in my earlier article, the “quenelle” is a vulgar gesture roughly meaning “up yours”, with one hand placed at the top of the other arm stretched down to signify “how far up” this is to be. Using the name of a French dumpling, Dieudonné started using this gesture in a wholly different context years ago, as an expression of defiance, incredulity or indifference. 

Vox Wrote:Sounds like the Italian scraping of the chin with the fingers, or the fist held with the crooked arm, with the other arm slamming down on the bent arm's bicep. Whatever it is, why let an innocent gesture go to waste when it can be used to terrify Jewish kids into wanting to move to Israel, and make the folks of Christian nations feel guilty or, at least, as if they'd better mind their Ps and Qs lest they lose their jobs, get booted out of schools, and be made an example of?

Really, I wish the folks in Europe, Great Britain, Canada, and the US would all stand up and say ENOUGH! No more guilt trips. You've been paid. You don't have the market on suffering cornered. And Historians should be able to look again at Historical events, which is WHAT HISTORIANS DO. At the very, very least, I wish the folks in these countries would make very clear that the Shoah is not more sacred than Christ and His Church, would at LEAST not cater to double standards. The West has allowed itself to be bullied for so long now, I wonder if we even know how NOT to be bullied any more.

Diana Johnstone can be reached at

You can't say anything negative involving Jews in history, lest you be called an anti-semite. You certainly can't talk with candor about the history of usury, which seems to be VERY important, as usury is destroying the world! Even if you don't hate Jews, you are an antisemite! Point out this stupidity of these accusations and you are also an antisemite!

The Holocaust is one thing that places a gag on the mouth of anyone who wants to speak the truth. Criticize anything involving a subclass of Jews and you are placed in the same category as Hitler. I don't understand why US Christians, even those who have courage to preach the gospel even when it can hurt peoples feelings, don't have the courage to speak out against criminals who happen to be Jewish. They are using anti-semitism and their ethnic identity as a way to escape criticism! It's so evil.
(02-06-2014, 12:40 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: [ -> ]But as for Jews who want to live in France, is it really healthy to keep reminding Jewish children that, if they are not wary, their fellow citizens might one day want to hoard them onto freight trains and ship them all to Auschwitz?  I have heard people saying privately that this permanent reminder is close to child abuse.

Vox Wrote:It is. Think about it. Imagine some sweet, innocent little 6 year old Jewish kid, being told that everyone who isn't Jewish hates him for no apparent reason, or because of some "virus of antisemitism" that can break out anytime, anywhere, from no cause at all, and how this irrational aspect of the goy brain results in pogroms and death camps. It's incredibly sad!

Someone who thinks that way is Jonathan Moadab, a 25-year-old independent journalist who was interviewed by Soren Seelow. Moadab is both anti-Zionist and a practicing Jew.  As a child he was taken to tour Auschwitz. He told Seelow that that living with that “victim indoctrination” had engendered a sort of “pre-traumatic stress syndrome”.

I can definitely see why certain people develop the pre-traumatic stress mentality.  When I was growing up in Orthodox Judaism there were few children in my shul that didn't have a grandparent either in the area, in Europe or in Israel that wasn't somehow affected by the Shoah.  It was ingrained in my childhood but the thing I found interesting was my grandmother, who got through Dachau alive, never once talked about it, even when I wanted to interview her for a school project.  My dad didn't even know much about her experience.  But when she came to visit she had the screaming nightmares and was always pacing up and down the halls.  In Hebrew School, we were always watching movies and slideshows that flashed images across our faces of emaciated people, piles of dead bodies, sad children and some of the horrific scientific experimentations of Dr. Mengele.  And yes this stuff does start as young as kindergarten.  I think our parents and teachers wanted us to "never forget" and boy did that goal get accomplished, however I have to say that all those images just desensitize you to violence over time. 

I remember going on my first Catholic retreat when I was about 20 with a friend.  I wasn't Catholic yet but part of me was thinking about it... there was a pro-life component and someone from the Center for Bioethical Reform did a presentation with images of bloody fetuses and severed tiny limbs in pools of blood and I remember feeling sick to my stomach.  I can't remember ever thinking this was OK but there was something very jarring to these images.  Then they showed some images of piles of dead bodies from a concentration camp and the pro-life speaker compared legal abortion to the mass murder of Jews.  At first, part of me wanted to say "how dare she compare this to what happened in the Holocaust" but then I thought about it for a bit longer and realized, that the comparison was not far off... one group gets buried in unmarked graves, or burned in crematoriums and another gets discarded in a dumpster as medical waste.  Even though abortion was not tolerated in the community where I grew up I don't think it was seen as a genocide on the level of the Shoah. 

I have been to pro life demonstrations that feature people carrying placards with bloody severed fetal heads and arms and legs on them... next to a  dime.  And there are small children present at these demonstrations.  To me this reminds me of when I was in Kindergarten and I saw images I was probably way too young to view.  This is why my wife and I haven't been to a pro-life event in a long time.  If we go anywhere we usually take our son with us and neither of us want to risk that he'll see someone casually flash around one of these images.  I don't want him to be desensitized to it the way I was desensitized to the photos of dead bodies.
Feminists can piss on a high altar with impunity because France hasn't been Catholic for centuries, because by and large the "Enlightenment" philosophies, the French Revolution and two world wars destroyed any shred of Catholic Faith in France or in all of Western Europe for that matter. France, like the rest of Europe is full of gorgeous cathedrals, chapels and monasteries but they are empty for the most part, visible reminders of the Faith that Western Europeans pissed away centuries ago. The feminist pissing on the high altar with impunity is a perfect symbol of the of apostate European soul--irreverent, arrogant. blasphemous and utterly contemptous of his Catholic Patrimony. Europe needs a continental exorcism to drive out the demons of blasphemy and apostasy.