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I'm sorry if this has been already answered, but I did not see it during a search.

Anyways, I was just wondering if you could share the traditional catholic websites that you frequent. I'm looking for informational websites, but I also like blogs too. I, of course, have studied the Fish Eater website, so I'm looking for new ones.

The only one I really look at right now is The Remnant.

Here's a few....

Shin's great site ... tons of free book downloads and more

Thanks Vox !

New Oxford Review

Daily TLM Propers in English

The Real Presence

Miracle of the Rosary Mission

Spanish sites

Portuguese site ....

This is an excellent link for MP3 material including bible audio.....

Here's a link to good Catholic radio....


Apologetics, History, etc


Our Lady of the Rosary Library

The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Catholic Newspaper

Self explanatory by the URL:

Writings of the Fathers:

And, for Latin texts:

Writings of St Francis, St Clare, and their first companions:

Treasury of Latin Prayers

Michael Voris

Reparation For Sin AND Blasphemy, Prayers and Devotions,
Catholic Truth , etc

Fatima (There's a whole network of sites to explore) for the basics on what the fuss is about

SSPX (naturally) (just the information section! They are pretty good vs. Protestants, JWs, Mormons, and the like) (surprisingly good source of trad videos and documents) several versions of the Breviary Online

John Salza Awesome source for old school Catholic books in the public domain, just gotta know how to use a search engine. Douay Rheims and Latin Vulgate online and searchable by word or phrase, also has some awesome external links at the bottom. Haydock commentary for free online Cool site on saints and their prophecies, actual canonized saints, and some blesseds. The Catholic Liturgical Library, name speaks for itself. Pretty much every approved apparition's prophecies compiled into one source. How to make indestructible rosaries, an awesome site for people who are into rosary making. It's the only way to make them IMO. A site on the mystical writings of St. Julian or Norwich and some other mystics from England and Ireland from the early medieval period, some stuff that is hard to find is on this page. Resources on the Sacred Heart devotion One of the greatest sites on earth.

Oh and of course, all of St. Thomas's works.... IN ENGLISH :D

Christopher Ferrara law practice

St. Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica  (another place to try out; has search facility)

1917 Catholic Encyclopedia

Writings on Love by the Saints and Doctors


For Those Who Speak French......
Bible Christian Society

A Boston Catholic site

Online Manual of Moral Theology (large file)


The Catholic Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century

Excellent Marian Site - Age of Mary

Catholic News  (audio sermons)  (a lot of documents and articles)



Traditional Catholic School

New Liturgical Movement
Thanks Whitey!  :O
Great list Whitey.

Didn't see tis one:
(02-24-2014, 07:33 AM)onosurf Wrote: [ -> ]Great list Whitey.

Didn't see tis one:

Thanks Ono. & Whitey  :)
I have found this priests sermons informative and helpful.
I would suggest that you might want to check out:  and also