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Full Version: Pope: Professing the faith without good works is just spouting hot air
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(02-25-2014, 08:44 AM)ThomasTheDoubter Wrote: [ -> ]That's good idea.

Unfortunately I'm not good at relationships. I am kind of introverted and am not a people person. In any case, my parents will flip out if they found out I'm writing letters to prisoners. They happen to be pagans and paranoid about things like this. It might backfire.  Any more suggestions?

Have you tried "virtually" visiting the sick?  Outreach to people with illnesses by an e-mail, a phone call, to cheer them, is very helpful.  Not too long ago I had an operation, and had to recuperate for ten weeks, during that time, I appreciated the emails from friends and others who sent me cheery notes.  I felt less lonely and alone.

I don't know your situation, but  by giving canned goods to a soup kitchen, or sending them money, is a way to help, even a small amount is appreciated. Another way is to give good clean  serviceable clothes that your family no longer needs to a St. Vincent de Paul center. 

Those are good idaas. I am now looking for those who need hospital pen pals.
Definitely agree with Catholic-Booklady. There are also some elderly people in residential care who have no living relatives (or none who visit regularly), and it might be an idea to include them in your list of penpals? Perhaps children at orphanages? Making connections can be difficult, but you're doing it for the Kingdom of God not your own aggrandizement. I hope it works out well and you'll keep us posted (couldn't resist :grin: ).
Thank you guys for your advice.  :)
Make knotted cord rosaries and/or chaplets and distribute them to the folks around you...

Teach people the rosary if they are interested. A lot of books, like the Secret of the Rosary, as well and many small pamphlets are free online. print them and distribute them.
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