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Full Version: Repentance Before Communion and Other Homilies from the Fathers for Lent
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Homilies for Lent from the Church Fathers for the second week of lent

The third volume of the Church Fathers for lent, for the third week of lent. Especially timely for today is a homily by St. Pacian on the need for repentance before communion, repentance is greatly misunderstood today and reexamining of it and what it means is sure to be helpful.

The Homilies available to listen too are:

Fasting by St. John Chrysostom
Christs Spiritual Cures by St. Augustine
Repentance before Communion by St. Pacian.
Regulation of Virtues by St. Gregory the Great.
The Pool of Bethesda by St. Augustine.
Love and Obedience Better than Miracles by St. John Chrysostom.
Meekness by St. John Chrysostom.

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